It’s Good To Be The Queen

This “Twelve Dudes” book has made a big impression on Sean. It’s been a big hit here at the House of Antique, not just for Sean but for me as well.

One evening last week, Sean was bathing and I was kneeling beside the tub, in my usual hand maiden’s pose. As I was chatting him up about current events, out of the blue, he insisted that I sit on the side of the tub so that he could wash my feet — just like the apostle John did in the Twelve Dudes book.

As if that alone weren’t enough to make my whole life worth living, as I’m sitting on the side of the tub watching a little boy with a bubble bath beard earnestly washing my feet with a Blues Clues puppet no less, Antique Daddy arrives home from a trip out of town and hands me a little bag with one very expensive and delicious piece of imported Belgium dark chocolate.

To serve others is a blessing beyond no other, but sometimes it’s good to be the queen.

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