Scheduling And Other Hot Buttons

Everyday Mommy tagged me with the question about putting babies on schedules. There are bookstores full of books on this issue written by people brighter than me, smart and learned people with letters after their names, so I don’t think I really have much to offer other than to tell you what worked for us here at the House of Antique.

The issue of scheduling, along with breastfeeding, working moms, home schooling and co-sleeping (among others) is one where the discussion tends to divide women rather than bring them together. I’d rather tell you stories about corn. But since you asked, I’ll cover all the hot button issues below once and for all:

Schedules: Sean seems to do better on a schedule. He came that way. I seem to do better on a schedule. Antique Daddy doesn’t do well on schedules, but we are going to let him stay around anyway for eye candy and piggyback rides.

Breastfeeding: I really wanted to breast feed, but I take a Class D drug for a chronic illness, so it was out of the question. I am built like a dairy cow, so I’m sure Sean felt gypped when he got a load of “Antique Mommy’s All You Can Eat Buffet”. When he would try to nurse through my shirt and I had to pull him away, it broke my heart. I think he has forgiven me though and shows no evidence of becoming an axe-wielding psychopath just yet. If that changes, I’ll reconsider my position on breastfeeding.

Working Moms: I have my own business, so I work when I choose, and I mainly choose not to work. I’ve been a professional student for most of my adult life and I hope to resume that career one of these days.

Co-Sleeping: I don’t like co-sleeping, because I like the “sleeping” part. I don’t really like to sleep with anyone to be perfectly honest, so it’s not anything personal and Sean gets that. Besides, I slept with my parents until I was about 11 and I now know that’s why I have no younger siblings.

Home Schooling: I am undecided on home schooling. Antique Daddy is really for it. I like the idea, but I think I may be too lazy to actually do it. And besides Sean can already outsmart me and that doesn’t bode well.

The truth is I don’t really know what I’m doing so I’ve learned to keep a loose grip on my opinions. All I know for sure is that there is no one right way to parent. Do what works for you and be willing to change it when it doesn’t. And never pass up an opportunity to encourage and appreciate other moms. They are the only ones who really know how deep the doo-doo can get.

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