If Only It Came In A Jar

Sean sat on the edge of the bathtub this morning watching me trying to perform a face lift on myself with a jar of Loreal ultra, energizing, firming, age-defying something or another.  It wasn’t going well.

“Want me to sing you a song?” he volunteered, maybe hoping to cheer me up.

“Absolutely!” I agreed.

“Je-jush loves me, dis I know,” he belted out in little boy falsetto, “and Bingo was his name-oh!”

Amusing and oh so wry.  The former Catholic school girl in me appreciated the Jesus-Bingo reference. And then I laughed out loud because, actually that was pretty good. And then the boy laughed because he had made his mother laugh.

Forget Loreal.  It’s amazing what a good laugh first thing in the morning can do for your countenance.

8 thoughts on “If Only It Came In A Jar

  1. I’d take laugh over lacquer any day. Now if I had to choose between the laughter and liquor, that might be another story. (Fortunately for me the last two usually go hand in hand.)

    Sean is adorable. I love that he enjoys making you smile.


  2. That is a great way to start the day. I have found myself in such a business-like mood lately that I am trying to remind myself to smile once in awhile. I’m not scowling–jut serious all the time.


  3. I keep telling myself that they’re laugh lines not wrinkles. So far it’s working. Who knows how I will feel as more and more giggle across my face.


  4. That’s awesome. I cannot wait for my daughter to start speaking in full sentences like that. She’s 20 months now and so far she hasn’t really gotten beyond two-word commands like: “Juice, Mommy,” or “Book, Daddy.” It’s going to be so cool to communicate on the next level!


  5. So true! I love the songs they come up with. Jesus-Bingo is classic. My boy gets stuck on EIEIO – that part of the song goes on like a skipped record, then it suddenly changes to the ABCs. Love it.


  6. Truly, I would rather have deeply etched laugh lines to show that I am enjoying life! (I’ve currently got a ferocious ‘worry crease’ between my eyebrows!) Bottle up that sweet little song and apply twice a day!


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