Mug Shots

100_5135a Veronica Mitchell of Toddled Dredge tagged me with this Mug Shot meme which was started by Julie of Bookworm — both excellent writers.  If you haven’t already discovered their blogs, by all means go treat yourself.

This mug became my favorite when Sean was about a year old.  As I was drinking from it one morning – one very bad Mary-Tyler-Moore-in-pajamas kind of morning – he studied it intently. Then he pointed to the dog behind the dryer and began laughing hysterically.  Once it became clear that he appreciated The Far Side, I knew we were going to keep him.  Far Side appreciation is kind of a prerequisite if you want to hang around here.

So what about you Shalee and Shannon?  Show us your mug shot!

13 thoughts on “Mug Shots

  1. My favourite was given me by my youngest last Christmas: I was put on this planet to embarrass my teenagers in front of their friends.”

    She’s twelve, youngest of three. I’m so glad she can see her future with humour and not fear!

    My favourite far side? The two bears side by side, the one in the crosshairs grinning maniacally and pointing to his friend beside him. Snort.


  2. Oh my goodness – I probably would favorite that cup as well :)…It could be out dogs thinking just that, we would have a cat around here. Thank you for sharing. I very much enjoyed it.


  3. My desk calendar is The Far Side: Mating Rituals. Funny. I actually own a couple of the Far Side collectors books…I love them that much.
    This week’s funny: Two seagulls, “You’re not fooling me Ned, taking a long walk on the beach sounds romantic, but I know you’re just looking for crustaceans.”
    Yay Sean for getting the Far Side.


  4. I love the mug. The Far Side always made me laugh.

    I think my own favorite was something like, “Tired of the conversation, Mary and Ted feigned death until their guests, sensing the awkwardness, made their excuses and left.”


  5. First of all, that is my favorite Far Side. Well that and the School for Geniuses. That one makes me smile everytime (mainly because I would be the kid pushing on the pull door.) And I would so love Sean. He gets it.

    My cup will be up soon, but it may be empty by the time I get the picture…


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