Reasons I Make The Super Nanny Cry #7

In Sunday school class this morning, the gal sitting next to me asked how Sean liked pre-school. I said he hates it, but I make him go because it’s good for him and it’s good for me to have some time away from each other twice a week.

She told me that what she did to ease her daughter’s transition to pre-school was to put a picture of herself in her daughter’s lunch box with a little love note. Just my luck to sit next to the Super Nanny. “Wow. You’re a way better better mom than me,” I admitted. “I just take Sean to his classroom and then run.”

17 thoughts on “Reasons I Make The Super Nanny Cry #7

  1. You’re too funny. If it makes you feel better, Super Nanny’s trick probably won’t work when her kid gets older. I tried putting a note in my oldest son’s lunchbox when he was in the 4th grade, or so. I can’t remember. I just remember that he said, “that was nice, Mom, but don’t do it again. My friends all made fun of me.”


  2. I’ve gotta tell you, having to do this is charming in a bittersweet way right until they take control of the leavetaking. My son, just over 2, frequently hops into day care, points back at my car and announces “Go to work, Mommy!” then takes off for more important things than hanging out with me at the door while I make the transition from Mommy to Worker-Person. Some days, I feel like I should actually be changing capes at that moment.


  3. I’ve always found that with mine the bigger deal we made about something the bigger the problem grew. I wish that I had the calm assurance to say the things you say. You are so funny.


  4. We told our son we didn’t think he was strong enough to push us out the door. Which made it a game. He would shove, we would resist and then stumble out the door. He would turn around laughing with his teacher and we were gone like a flash. No more problems after that.


  5. That’s why I always wore my tennis shoes those days. I figure the kiss-and-run is going to last for all time. I had to give them a great example when their kids pulled it on them. It’s all about traditions.


  6. Oh, I think every mom has to do what she thinks is best for her kid. The teachers tell me that he cries until I am out of sight and then he’s like “Let’s get down to business. Where’s that Play-Doh?” I figure I’ll skip the entr’ acte and move along.


  7. Whatever works for you – and them, is okay. You likely had someone sitting on the other side of you who tells them to zip it – so you’re probably very well adjusted to motherhood, yes you are!


  8. Okay, the time I DID put a picture (of our family) and a love note in Pie Girl’s lunchbox at preschool, she came home sobbing. “It made me more SAD, Mommy.” Great. I try to be SuperNanny and end up making my child cry.


  9. People like her make me sick. That is just too precious. Super Nanny would have a few words for mee too. I know one of them would be “schedule.”


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