God Bless She Who Invented On-Line Shopping

Toddlers are very tactile people. They like to touch things. They must touch things. They can’t not touch things.

Nonetheless, as a parent you strive to teach them to overcome their nature and to not touch things. It is very difficult. It requires the ability to repeat “don’t touch” about 40 billion times or until the hinges on your jaw are worn smooth.

And since you yourself have probably been in a store, you know that they are filled with fantastic, wonderful, delightful, sparkly, glistening, visually delicious things that scream at you “Touch me! Go ahead! Touch me! I promise ya, you’ll like it!” as you walk past. And even though you try to ignore the merchandise that shamelessly begs you to publicly fondle it, you can’t. And then when you can resist no more and you pick up the bauble and turn it over and look at it’s sexy bottom for a price you will hear this announcement over the Emergency Broadcast System:


10 thoughts on “God Bless She Who Invented On-Line Shopping

  1. Ha, so true! And you know…you moved sites. Hey! No wonder you weren’t pinging my rss reader. And I just thought you hadn’t updated for like a month. (stupid, stupid…)


  2. That’s right, I have to touch everything in the department store too, but if they don’t want me touching it, they would put it under glass wouldn’t they? That makes it THEIR FAULT!!!
    You know what scared me about shopping with my little ones? Losing them. Lizzie always got lost, but according to her, she always knew where she was, we just couldn’t find her. She’s lucky we survived her childhood so she can support us in our dotage.


  3. Oh Brilliant post, have you seen me in a wool shop, or at a ceramics fair with lots of fantastic hand made pots then?

    Do I have a stalker? πŸ™‚


  4. I have seven grandsons. One very special boy used to stay with me for “Mamaw Days”. We slept late, ate lunch in restaurants, watched kidlet movies either on tape or at the local theater, but the best part was a trip to Kids R Us. I would just hang out and try to be invisible, while he tried and tried to make a decision about which toy to buy. He had a limit of about $15.00 and the decisions were so hard, but he touched everything at least five times. That is a great place for touching without guilt! I say he was special, because his mom had five miscarriages, two handicapped children who died and one lovely little boy. Being the only one to make it into this world safely, made him special to touch. Things in the store are never as special as the child wanting to feel, taste, touch, smell and see. Maybe Sean could be told that if he breaks something —that is what you will have to buy and wouldn’t he rather have an unbroken toy? I know he is a great at bargaining.


  5. This reminds me of an incident that is now part of our family lore and a treasured cliche. After a too-big dinner at a restaurant close to Target, I convinced my husband to go into that huge store with me, not to buy, but to look at microwaves – a quicky with the benefit of some digestive exercise. He agreed, but declared “No touching.” I promised, no touching. Inside the store, he found me leaning over a candle and said “No touching” to which I replied “I’m not touching, I’m smelling.” He said “No touchy, no smelly.” We must have said that 50 times, giggling our way out of the store. It still makes me laugh – “No touchy, no smelly.” Love your blog! from someone waiting to be (via adoption) an antique mom.


  6. You made me laugh!!!
    That’s why I prefer to go shopping without them. Usually my husband goes shopping and the kids stay with me. My DH enjoys to do the weekly shopping…


  7. Too funny! I experienced this just yesterday with Princess. It took us 2 hours to get through Target and I was only stopping in to quickly purchase some PJ’s for the boys who were having PJ day at school today. Princess had to touch EVERY SINGLE THING she saw and look at it thoroughly … completely ignoring me each and every time I told her “No Touch, Princess, just look.”

    Needless to say, I do A LOT of online shopping! πŸ™‚


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