Descended From A Small Quirky Black Dog

I am beginning to think Sean was a Schipperke in a former life. There is a growing body of evidence:

– Can’t stand a closed door
– Only comes when called if a treat is involved
– Insists on opening all packages
– Takes up the entire bed, kicking other sleepers in the gut, face and kidneys
– Loves a new toy
– Doesn’t want to share toys
– Loves to go in the car
– Wants to go outside, wants to go inside, wants to go outside, wants to go inside, wants…
– Naturally obsessive compulsive
– Believes there is no reason to exist but to play
– Suspicious of strangers
– A challenge to potty train
– Can be a major pain in the buttootie
– Is amazingly smart and funny
– Has captured my heart for all eternity

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11 thoughts on “Descended From A Small Quirky Black Dog

  1. I can relate. My 3 year old is exhibiting these same strange behaviors. Especially wanting to go outside, wanting to go inside, wanting to go outside, over and over. When does it all end?


  2. My daughter (10 yrs.) was standing over my shoulder when I opened your blog and said, “Awwww, what a cute doodle bug! What’s his name?”

    When I told her I thought his name was Sean, she said, “He looks like a Sean — he’s very smiley.”

    I didn’t know that Sean meant Smiley to her, but we agree that smiley fits him perfectly.

    I totally get the toddler/spoiled dog connection — now we only have the spoiled dog, but when we had the dog AND the toddler — too much!


  3. I love your blog! I too am an “antique mommy”. I had my one and only at 42 (almost 43) after going through a lot of the same things that you did to get pregnant and finally it just happened! Nothing like a 3 1/2 year old to keep you young, eh? Anyway, I love reading your posts – you have a great way with words.


  4. He may be a distant descendant from a Schipperke, but he has your face! He is absolutely gorgeous.

    And I’m with him on the only reason to exist is to play. You mean there are other reasons? Bummer. That’s like saying there isn’t a Santa Clause. What?! Okay, I’m going to eat donut holes until my world is made right again.


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