The Well-Placed Curse Word Is At The Top Of My New Year’s Resolutions List… Again

Antique Daddy: I can’t believe the language Sean uses.

GULP! I get that sickening “Called To The Principal’s Office” feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am mentally beating my breast and tearing my clothes. Where did I put my sackcloth and ashes? I am caught and I am guilty. I knew that one day it would come to this. I knew that one of these days it would come back to bite me in the…. behind. I knew that kids repeat everything. I knew that I had to overcome my love and appreciation of the well-placed curse word. I was in trouble. I cringed and braced myself for a well-deserved rebuke.

Antique Mommy: (coyly) Oh, really? Whatever do you mean?

Antique Daddy: This morning, he pulls out your computer lap desk from under the bed and he brings it to me and says, “Look Daddy. This lap desk is similar to yours, only smaller.” How many 3-year-olds use the word similar?

Sean: (from under the bed) One!

Antique Mommy: (Heavy sigh of relief — comic relief)

It looks like item one on my New Year’s Resolution list will be the same as it has been for the past 25 years.

14 thoughts on “The Well-Placed Curse Word Is At The Top Of My New Year’s Resolutions List… Again

  1. Our three-year-old says ‘gauche’. I’m not sure if I should be proud.

    He has more trouble with ‘craft’, which doesn’t sound like ‘craft’.


  2. Good post for the last day of voting on the Sweet Scent awards! 😀 LOL
    It’s ok, I still love you!

    If I did make New Year’s Resolutions, that would be mine, as well. That dreaded SH word keeps popping out my mouth before I even realize what’s happening.
    Left-over bad habits from driving truck. 😀


  3. i can’t even tell you how i laughed when i read this. last night, on our way home from dinner, my husband made a “comment” about another driver pulling out in front of us. we both paused after he said it and moments later, hailey repeated, in toddler imitating fashion, what she heard her daddy say. she’s only 14 months old. 😐


  4. Ha ha! Love it! My one year old is walking all over the place saying his new favorite word, “sit”…except he pronounces it with a sh at the begining instead. Makes a momma look real good out in public.


  5. I am in serious trouble myself. It’s easy to get into really bad habits when you are childless for 40 years.

    At this point, however, since my son seems to show a complete aversion to talking whatsoever, I might be happy with what I get.


  6. Hahha. Seriously, all of my hard-earned swearing has had to hit the road – I now sound a lot like Julie Andrews, except for the occasional desperate curse.


  7. My sister’s kid once climbed into his high chair for breakfast, and announced “God damn it, I forgot my bib” and climbed out again. She cleaned up her language (some!) after that.


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