Kids Say The Darndest Things

AM: Sean, do you have poo poo pants?

Sean: No.

AM: Are you sure, because I smell poo poo. Come here, let me check.

(Stands with his back to me and bends over slightly, a pose we call the check for poo-poo-pants stance, one I half way expect airline security personel to add to their arsenal of ways to humiliate the flying public in the coming year. I pull his diaper back to expose the cutest little plumbers crack ever.)

AM: Sure enough, no poo poo, but I smell something.

Sean: Must be you.

21 thoughts on “Kids Say The Darndest Things

  1. “must be you”….your boy is too much!

    and lets home TSA doesn’t add panty check to their security checks….As it is I get more naked for airline screening than I do to go to the beach.


  2. Mwah ha ha! We’re soon to start toilet training here, so the peering-down-the-back-of-pants manouver will once again be common in my house. Oh, joy.


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