Accept No Substitutes

This post was originally published in October of 2005. It explains a little bit about The Crib.

Like most modern households with children, we have divvied up the child-care tasks. Antique Daddy handles the bedtime routine and I handle everything else up to that point. And I must say that he does an excellent job. With very few exceptions, bedtime is a happy and special time that both he and Sean look forward to at the end of the day.

Antique Daddy was gone a few days this week, so I had to cover the bedtime routine. And I really thought it went well. Sean happily went to sleep each night. I thought I had tasted a little bit of that end-of-the-day magic that he shares with his daddy. I thought I had been accepted into the boy’s club.

When Antique Daddy returned home from a long day of work and travel, I decided that I would give him a pass and let him relax while I put Sean to bed. I seated myself in the rocker and pulled out one of his favorite books to read. I patted my legs and motioned for Sean to crawl up in my lap. But he just looked at me like I was from Mars. He grabbed my index finger and yanked on it making it perfectly clear I was in the wrong seat. After I removed myself from the seat of honor, he patted the seat of the rocker and said, “Dah-dee. Scheep dow.”

As Sean crawled up into his daddy’s lap, I sat down on the floor at the feet of the master hoping to gain some wisdom if only by breathing his rarified air. Sean looked down on me from his perch as if to say “Are you still here?” Pushing the book aside, he crawled down out of his daddy’s lap, and again by the finger, yanked me to my feet and showed me the door. He literally escorted me to the door — with a little push from behind lest anyone be uncertain about his intentions. At the door, I bent over for my goodnight kiss. He blew me a kiss and waved bye-bye, as in “buh-bye” and then slammed the door in my face.

Daddy was home. Without ceremony, my services were no longer needed.

15 thoughts on “Accept No Substitutes

  1. OH! I totally see why he is having a hard time with this. Does Antique Daddy realize that he will still get to have a bedtime routine even if Sean is in a Big Boy bed? The bed doesn’t have to change the routine. Poor guy!


  2. My husband is the bedtime guy at our house, with much the same results – I am not as good at tucking in, my children have let me now. Too bad for me!


  3. ok. this might make me a “little” sad. “little”. as much as i LOVE when eric comes home and hailey goes ga-ga over him; i think having the nursery door slammed in my face might make me teary-eyed. πŸ™‚

    all we can do is sigh and walk away.


  4. Thats hysterical! We don’t like being completely responsible for a task, so we shake it up right from the beginning, lol. Now my 3yo will go down for anyone, and everyone has a different routine. I’ve had one of my children put their hand over my mouth when I sang to them. I felt so bad that I sang so badly that even a baby couldn’t stand it, hehe.
    God bless,


  5. Well just wait until they go hunting if they do like many Texas men do. Then they will need you to cook up the quail or dove or deer or javalina or whatever (which I never did).

    The sit here and read a book becomes sit here and shoot the gun.


  6. They need that time together and you need yours by yourself….it’s good he doesnt depend on you 100%….Scott gives Miller his baths and quite frankly Im glad….by the evening I’m so worn out I dont want to hang over the bathtub and try to contain a 13 month wears me out thinking of it…


  7. OKAY. After reading that I more relate to the issue of Daddy packing up the crib. I am more in favor now of possibly bunk cribs. You could get visiting priveleges. Also, a newfound birth control.


  8. Ow! I guess it is a good thing that they have a special time of their own, but couldn’t Sean let you in on it, too? His way of making his point was really cute, and you have such a knack for telling a story in the best way possible.


  9. The crib story from yesterday made me teary because I tend to get all sentimental like that. But this made me laugh because I know what it feels like to have the child you love and adore basically tell you not to let the door hit you on your way out.


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