…. love one another

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deeply, from the heart.

1 Peter 1:22

And so you have.

Thank you all for the tremendous outpouring of love and encouragement and prayer support. I am honored. I am humbled. And I gratefully thank you. Happy Valentines Day everyone. ~ Antique Mommy

27 thoughts on “…. love one another

  1. I’m late with the comment…but I’ve prayed for you (from Uganda!!!)
    Blessings as you recuperate and recover…and move on. Moving forward takes courage, friend. May God fill you with that courage each day…


  2. Hope everyday you are feeling stronger and stronger. God will bless you again again with a new dream and passion. Like being such a great mother as you are.


  3. Well, I guess I was REALLY thinking about you…I posted that twice! lol

    (hangs head in shame at inability to properly post a comment on your blog)


  4. thought of you several times today and wondered how you were. Glad you’re okay and know the Lord will give you the right amount of strength you need for each day…both physically and emotionally. Take time and heal, my sister!


  5. Warmest Congratulations on the Share the Love Award! You ARE LOVED! Revel in your moment–God blessing you on a day with surgery and challenges–He is close and loves you! Whispered a prayer for you today…

    All’s grace,
    Ann V.


  6. well it sounds like you made it through ok, I’m glad to hear that. My server goes down for 24 hours and the whole world changes–jeez!

    I’m not a “religious” person, but I am spiritual (and I know you’re religious) so here’s my belief on this type of event in a person’s life. I DON’T believe in coincidence. Just like you weren’t “supposed” to be able to get pregnant and Sean came anyway, I believe that if you truly want a 2nd child you will get your wish. I also believe (and know a little of your pregnancy story) that you had many of the ups and downs that us mom’s who are a little older have; however our attitude is usually such that we’re looking at all of it with rose colored glasses; so nausea isn’t so annoying because it means your baby is healthy, waking up at night because of kicking isn’t loss of sleep it’s a strong healthy baby. It’s about attitude and you have a good one. I believe you’ll have a quick, uneventful recovery and if you so decide you’ll have a sibling for Mr. Sean (I’m not convinced you really want another, cause you’re having so much fun with the first you don’t want to ruin your good thing. But maybe I’m listening more to myself then you, so hopefully you aren’t offended or put off by that comment.) I can tell you that my 2nd has been nowhere as easy as my first, and she’s a very happy baby who is a very good sleeper & eater (her tummy just doesn’t cooperate). While I wouldn’t change for anything it has been beyond exhausting and I do have some guilt over the lessened amount of time I have with kid #1. I also have an immense amount of gratitude to have such beautiful, healthy children who love each other very much and to be able to witness this blossoming friendship. Happy Valentine’s Day and know that we are all grateful for your half-full view of the world as it reminds us to look at our world that way too.
    (Sorry I’m rambling.)


  7. I know how you feel. I almost died having my last baby boy who is two months old. I had devloped high blood pressure so they enduced me.


  8. I’m praying for you today, AM. And AD. And Sean and for your folks who are in to help.

    God’s got it covered. You just rest and get back to blogging… er, I mean living, as soon as you can.


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