What You Get For 52 Years

It is earlier in the week. We are sitting around the breakfast table. I am not actually sitting, I’m kind of slouched over in my chair with my head on the table because I’m still feeling like last night’s piñata from my adventures in organ removal. But I’m pretending. I’m trying real hard. My parents are reading the newspaper. Sean is being Sean.

My dad looks up from the newspaper and over his eggs and toast, he says, “Hmmph!” as though he’s just discovered something. And he has. He just noticed the day’s date and that today is their 52nd wedding anniversary. In the chaos and the crazy of the past week, everyone had forgotten.

Dad scans the heartwarming Norman Rockwell scene around the table: his doped up middle-aged daughter with her face in her plate, his grandson spooning yogurt down his pajamas and his bride of 52 years obliviously working a Sudoku puzzle.

From the look on my dad’s face, I was guessing that maybe he was imagining himself as a young man standing at the altar of St. Al’s 52-years ago, full of youth and hope, kissing my pretty mom with his hands around her tiny waist. Or maybe he was thinking he just didn’t see this coming.


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. We’ll celebrate next year, except without the morphine.


26 thoughts on “What You Get For 52 Years

  1. How adorable. 52 is a lot of years.

    I was in your position 4 years ago and I have never, ever felt so healthy now. Hang in there and keep walking, walking really works to make everything settle into its new place quicker.


  2. I had such a picture in my mind as I read this! HILARIOUS. Sounds like something that could happen around this crazy house of mine! Happy Anniversary to your parents. I know they were right where they wanted to be today. With you…taking care of you and the Antique Family. Hope everyday you are feeling better. I’ve been there so I can relate. Organ removal is no fun! So, when the morphine wears off…..take them to dinner. My parents celebrate 65 this year! UNBELIEVABLE.


  3. How wonderful! (well, not the pain part… ) One of the reasons I love the play “Our Town” is that it celebrates those everyday, mundane moments of life- the things we don’t know we miss until they are gone. I would love to know what Ed was really thinking… :-).


  4. I think it sounds like a positively GLORIOUS day! What better way to truly appreciate 52 years than to be faced with what it’s really all about — caring and nurturing the ones we love, especially in a time of need.

    Get well. God bless…


  5. AM you listen to Shalee and get yourself back into bed–there’s no nurses at home to poke you and I think you’ve mastered the required tricks (passage of gassage), you can learn to roll over and bark later when you’re feeling better– so back to bed with you lady! Wivian will take care of Sean.

    Papa Ed or AD to the store for something alcoholic and bubbly–you don’t hit 52 years every day so live it up, damage! I believe a toast is in order and a little champange will take your pain meds up a notch–in a good way. 😉

    May you all have at least 52 more healthy, happy ones together.


  6. I hope that I get 52 years with Mr. Right and then some… even if it means that it does mean that I’m thinking in line with your dad – thinking that I just didn’t see this coming.

    Happy Anniversary to a couple who produced one of the greatest ladies I’ve ever met. May you have many more wonderful years together.

    And AM? Go back to bed, would ya? You should be pretending to sleep. Still praying for you, sis.


  7. Celebrate NOW–as soon as the morphine wears off: you never know what a year will hold. My parents celebrated 51 on Oct.15, happy and seemingly healthy. Dad was diagnosed with cancer Nov. 15 and passed away Jan. 23.
    What a blessing to have them there with you. Hope you feel better soon. LOVE the dress!


  8. I just LOVE hearing about marriages lasting more than… oh… five months. But 52! Now THAT is definitely something worth recognition. WAY TO GO Wivian and Ed. You are an inspiration.

    And Antique Mommy, I have been thinking of you and praying for you as you recover.


  9. I’m sure they are right where they want to be….with you and your family when you need them, regardless of what day it is. Hope you’re feeling better and better. I was in your shoes about 15 years ago. Take it easy. It will get better.


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