Things I Don’t Miss And Things I Do Miss

Things I Don’t Miss:
Diaper Genie refills
Bottle washing
$20/can Nutramigen
Baby Bjorn Sling Thing Contraption (designed to send post partum women over the edge)
Rectal thermometers
Blue Snot Sucker thingee

Things I Do Miss:
Bottle feeding, even the 2am feedings
Nose sucks
Slobbery ear kisses
This sound: Mahmahmahmahmahmah!
Leg hugs
Morning AND afternoon naps
Itty bitty baby socks, even though they never stay on.
The baby with the delicious fat cheeks.

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29 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Miss And Things I Do Miss

  1. Won’t miss — clipping those eensy weensy baby finger nails.

    Will miss — those eensy weensy baby finger nails.

    Oh me… my baby is 20mo. **sigh**


  2. Here I’m an anomoly. I miss nursing, but only after those hard first few months. Aside from that, I’ve never been a baby person, even when my own kids were babies. I miss toddler moments so much more.


  3. Today is the first time I have ever read your blog. I had a little time so I went back and read some of your old posts as well. All of your posts made me either laugh or cry and many made me laugh AND cry. Thank you for sharing your stories!


  4. Lots of things to miss indeed, the one I’ve thought of lately is them sucking on the skin between my shoulder and my neck when they were hungry–mine never went for my nose that much, but my neck was free game.


  5. I can’t wait until the day I can miss diaper pail refill bags!!

    Just want to say that I found your blog via a link from a link – and I’m so glad I did. Thanks for sharing your momma stories!


  6. Oh nose sucks….

    I needed this, I’m in the throes of a 3rd trimester with a 4 year old and a 2 year old, I just needed to be reminded how sweet it is. I love the blue snot sucker though. It’s like one of the only things I can do with an infant where I can prove I accomplished something and did him some good. Disgusting proof, but proof nonetheless.


  7. Wow, your list totally caught me off-guard, A.M! My “baby” got his class ring today. (He’ll be 15 on Easter Sunday.) So, I was feeling a little sappy anyway. Isn’t it amazing how we can recall every little detail about the sweetness of our babies? I can’t remember why I go into another room for something most of the time but mention any item/moment like the ones on your list and I am immersed in a warm memory, complete with the tiniest of details. Thanks for helping me savor yet another special day in the life of my child. We added a new memory today.


  8. What awesome lists! I can definitely add the Nutramigen $$$$/day to my list, too! Is your little dude on regular foods now, or does he have allergies, sensitivities? Mine’s ok with lactose-free dairy stuff now and still has a really “bumpy” belly — pukes at the drop of a hat!!

    Again, great lists!


  9. I was recently thinking that the thing to do would be to make a quilt, and each block would be a season and size of my little boy’s outgrown clothes. You’d have to have a full-size, long-legged sleeper in the center, and little t-shirts and onesies and things in blocks all around it…. I wish I were craftier. I can completely imagine curling up with this and crying hysterically when he leaves for college….


  10. Babies! I never thought that I’d be this sentimental baby lover, but it turns out I am exactly the kind of person who clutches her children’s outgrown sleepers to her chest and sobs.


  11. Nasal syringes (blue snot sucker thingies) are the very first things used on a baby when they are born. In C-Sections, they are used when only the head is out, even before the cord is cut. They don’t want the baby to aspirate any of the gunk they have been floating in all those months. I love the blue, snot sucker thingies because of what they represent. (MotherPie is right about the sinus lavage with them — 1/4 tsp. salt to 8 ounces of boiled water— cooled, of course)


  12. You miss nose sucks? I hope you mean the kind where they try to latch on your nose to eat when they’re starving instead of the kind that use the blue nose sucker thingy.

    Because let me tell you, I’ve got a three week old and I am not going to miss anything having to do with that nose sucker.


  13. Oh I so agree. On my list nursing would be put under both miss and don’t miss. I’m glad it is over, but I miss it too. That was such a sweet time. I could cry right now.


  14. Oh, those silly sling things. I owned FOUR different carriers, but was only smart enough to use the absolute basic ones. The sling defeated me completely. Those native women must be higher I.Q. than I am, because they appear to have no trouble at all.

    Great lists, btw.


  15. I just last week put away my 9 month old girl’s 3-6 month clothes. I had a moment I tell you. I’m just not ready for this baby gig to end. She is most likely my last, so I want to hold on tight.


  16. For a girl with no maternal instinct… it seems odd that I stole one of my nephew’s little socks and I keep it with my socks so I can still remember his precious little Flintstone feet!


  17. YOu are so right!!!!!!! I am still in the midst of it all, but I know I will miss those things too.

    Mother of 7


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