The Pinwheel

Last week, we drove to Illinois to visit my parents and let Sean OD on popsicles and Wivian.

Knowing that in the coming week, that Wivian would be indulging Sean’s every whim and thereby be promoted to most favored grandmother status, Cleo, my mother-in-law, made a pre-emptive strike in the Grandma Wars and loaded Sean up with seven or eight presents to open along the way.

When we were about a mile away from MeMaw’s house, Sean demanded to open his first present and being the spineless jelly fish of a parent bent on instant gratification that I am, I let him.

From a beautiful gift bag laden with festive ribbon and colorful tissue paper he pulled a twenty-five cent pinwheel.

“Oh my!” he exlaimed. “I can’t believe my eyes! I’ve never seen such a thing!”

And then he spent the next 50 miles holding the pinwheel up to the air conditioning vent and cackling with joy.

If only his thrills would always be so cheap.

26 thoughts on “The Pinwheel

  1. i am the car trip person in our house….my sweet husband cannot hack it…the funny thing is hes a truck driver and likes to drive by nature but add our kids to the drive and he seems to lose all perspective. now i have to say as a mommy who lives 3+ hours from all family and does a lot of those car trips alone that portable DVD player has become a lifesaver. I too was against them, thought my kids brains seem rotted enough from the movies they get to watch at home. I didnt know how much peace would come with one in the car. For the first time in 2 years I can drive more than 5 miles with out having to stop the car and threaten death to the next child who smacks his brother in the face cause “he looked at my ninja turtle”

    we even managed an 8 hour trip just me and 2 lil boys with no bloodshed, no tears, and no potty accidents…(the bob the builder movie didnt fare so well, but i dont know what happened there*oops*) but kids made it unscathed, mostly clean and were thrilled to see their PaPa and his tractor.


  2. Found your blog awhile back and enjoy it very much.

    I bought my granddaughter a couple of those pinwheels a few months ago…she loves them. She likes sticking them into the ground, flowerpots, flowerbeds, wherever and watching the wind spin them around. She loves holding one in each hand and spinning in circles to see them twirl. The simplest things are ultimately the best treasures 🙂

    Your little guy is sweet as sugar 🙂


  3. This is just too precious for words. And I just realized that those grandkids I’m looking forward to will most likely have – gasp! – another grandma besides me. I may have to start in early on the strategy planning. I can’t stand the thought of losing at grandma wars.



  4. It really isn’t a big surprise that the cheap thrills in life are the best, what is amazing is that it takes a child to remind us of the fact. Sean certainly is a sweet and articulate little guy.


  5. Ah, kids. They’re so funny. My three think that NOTHING IN THE WORLD is as exciting as a trip to the dollar store – they can buy ANYTHING IN THE STORE! WHoooooo!


  6. Just stumbled here from Dani’s blog and wow, you’re a great writer! I truly am enjoying your blog. You have a wondeful way with words!


  7. How lucky that your son has 2 grandmothers who love him so much. My girls only have my Mom, as my husband’s mother passed away before they were born. And those pinwheels-my girls used to love those too, when they were younger. And yes, they each received them from none other than their grandmother!! Grandmas must have a secret stash of those things!!


  8. I’m busy anticipating–no dreading–a 21-hour car ride this summer. And this post has reminded me to visit the dollar store where I’ll find ample (I hope) amusement. My husband and I are resisting the lure of the portable DVD player…


  9. Don’t think for a minute that we grndmothers don’t work on “most favored status”. I worked so hard at being the best Mamaw to my first grandson and just a little less at the other seven. I wrote about that firstborn grandson in my blog and he called to say he is acepted into Duke’s Law School and told me he teared up when he read it. I win Wish I had known about pinwheels.


  10. I’ll be going out to pick up one of those tomorrow for my little anti-traveler!

    Wonder if it’s 12m+ safe? What am I saying??! Who cares… as long as he’s not screaming!! 🙂


  11. Hmmm…is Wivian the kind of woman who will go all out and buy Sean a pony? She sounds like a sensible woman. Maybe she’ll only retaliate with a small, backyard-sized ferris wheel. You know…kind of like a pinwheel…only bigger.


  12. Over here I was the reigning queen of the Best Aunt Award for many years! Although now that they are older and money rules I’ve been knocked down a notch or two.

    My son used to love the boxes that his gifts came in. After hours of searching for the right gift it all came down to the best box! He would make them into all sorts of things; castles, prisons, boats, cattle pens etc.


  13. WOW that’s quite a long journey! You are saint for making that car ride with a tot!

    I so miss IL…I’m in the process of trying to move back. I’m a Midwestern girl at heart. Hope you enjoyed your trip!


  14. My son has most every Thomas the train there is, tons of Little People and every other toy on the planet. But it’s the little things he appreciates most. He still has, and played with today, a little cheap car that has a pig in it. My mother gave him “pig in car” when he was 2, almost 3 years ago. So sweet.
    I am not looking forward to the day when he HAS to have the newest iPod, Blackberry, whatever thingamajig that will be popular when he’s bigger. Lord help us all!
    Hope you had a nice trip. Glad you’re back.


  15. When we moved from Missouri to Ohio, it never entered my mind what to do with a 2 year old for 11 hours (new mama). Thankfully a gma-like sweetheart stocked our son up with gifts to open every 2 hours. It was a God-send! The pinwheel he got lasted the longest out of all the toys!


  16. we understand “grandma wars” around here. some lesser known battles are aunt and uncle wars! I can just hear Sean saying that “oh my! I’ve never seen such a thing…” how sweet.


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