They Don’t Call It The Food Of The Gods For Nothing

We were at a restaurant recently and Sean was busy playing with the poison pink/yellow/blue packets. He was angling to dump one or seven packets into his drink, my drink or anyone else’s drink that was within reach.

AM: (removing the chariot of aspartame to a nearby table): Sean, stop with the packets.

Sean: Why? Papa Ed drinks sweet tea. I want sweet tea like Papa Ed.

AM: You can have some sugar if you want, but this stuff — it’s not good for you. We don’t eat it. We only eat the natural stuff that God made.

Sean: Oh! Like Cheetos!

AM: Touche my friend. Well played.

39 thoughts on “They Don’t Call It The Food Of The Gods For Nothing

  1. Just as an aside to the natural goodness, have you tried the Natural Cheetos? They are so much better than the orange ones and have less junk in them (not sure they’d count as healthy, but you have to start somewhere). I was a huge regular Cheetos fan before buying the Natural brand (still made by Frito Lay). Enjoy your boy!


  2. yes, I believe there is a biblical story about a mother and her young child wandering hungry through the park for 40 minutes, and low and behold, God provided them with Cheetos from heaven. But they were not allowed to save any for the next day, so they were forced to eat them all, and then lick the cheesy goodness from their fingers, for there were no clean restrooms in sight


  3. God may not have made Cheetos, but God Blessed Texas! (when He put Sean there)
    I agree with the no artificial sweetners — normal people don’t need to use fake stuff. Aspartame came out with a gumball one year and the next year it was in everything. That was just too much, too fast, so I have avoided it ever since.


  4. We avoid the poison too but we started with the Cheetos and worked our way backward. One of our kids had rash around her eyes and mouth, a clear runny nose, and an asthamtic cough for several years that we could not get to the bottom of. After many allergy tests which turned up nothing, God finally showed us that she was allergic to sodium phosphate…which is in the cheese powder in Cheetos. The rash, the runny nose and the cough disappeared. This turned discovery turned me in to an All Natural Mama.



  5. I’m so glad to find you. You are so fun and your thoughts are right up my alley. We have been struggling to “naturalize” our lives for awhile and are getting ready to take it to the extreme and move out of the city.

    Also, I cut back on the sugar in my sweet tea by mixing sugar and stevia. It cuts the taste of the stevia, cuts the amount of sugar you are getting, and still tastes good.


  6. So cute!! Cheetos are the best! My boyfriends gives those to me… how loving. who needs flowers want u got cheetos!


  7. It’s a tough choice, I know–but as a diabetic, I shouldn’t have the sugar. I don’t care for the pink stuff, and stevia tastes like licorice, so I use Splenda.


  8. You’d better not put him into debate later. Or maybe you should. He would kill the other kids in the improptu!

    (And amen to the dogging on the fake sweetners!)


  9. Ohh boy! What a smart kid. As my mother would say, “he knows which side his bread is buttered on”.


  10. Ohh boy! What a smart kid. As my mother would say, “he knows which side his bread is buttered on”.


  11. I did not know that Cheetos are God’s Food, but I am not a bit surprised – they are the tastiness, as my poor, Cheetos-deprived children will sadly tell you.


  12. Who needs to keep a baby journal to remember things that kids say when you can keep it on the blog.

    The food that God made… does he eat Spinache? My mom said, “Who wants to have green cheeks,” when told it would put color in her cheeks.

    Out of the mouths of babes. Truly.


  13. I call splenda “the bologna of sugar” it’s all the leftover junk they didn’t want to put in the real gooooood sugar. Then someone working for big sugar decided they could make even more ca$hola if they used the leftovers and said it was better for us all to use the leftovers that really weren’t good enough in the first place.

    Scarey smart boy you have there, better watch out, things are going to be even more interesting as he grows.


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