What I Said

What I said:  Done with the milk?
What I meant:  Would you pleeeez not leave the milk out?
What I wanted to say:  Stop leaving the damn milk out.

What I said:  I need to go to the store (sigh).
What I meant:  I have to defrost or chop something for dinner and I don’t feel like it.
What I wanted to say:  I’m not really hungry. Y’all are on your own for dinner.

What I said:  Are these papers important?
What I meant:  These papers have been on my kitchen counter for a week and you need to move them. Now.
What I wanted to say:  I’m throwing these papers away.

What I said:  Can I make you a sandwich?
What I meant:  Do you have to spread the contents of the fridge and pantry across the entire kitchen to make a measly sandwich?
What I wanted to say:  Get out of my kitchen before I turn on you with a spatula.

What I said:  Thanks for fixing my computer.
What I meant:   I love how you take care of me.
What I wanted to say:  I’m glad I married you even if you leave the milk out. 

43 thoughts on “What I Said

  1. what i said: we dont have a lot of extra money for that right now

    what i meant: we are BROKE

    What i wanted to say: what are you thinking buying a 500$ (toy) oops… welder right now we need to buy other things for the house *like food and gas* and you can only use that thing 4 days a month and its going to cost us another HOW MUCH to even be able to use the %$#^$^% thing?????


  2. Love it! We have all been through this, but we love our men anyway!! (I’m sure they realize how perfect we are, right????)


  3. What I said: Very cute.
    What I meant: Must go rack brain now to think of clever blog post
    What I wanted to say: Can’t I just copy and paste this into my own blog?!


  4. What I said: Are you kidding? – absolutely NOTHING. What if he has the brilliant idea to reciprocate with his own clever dialogue?

    What I meant (by saying nothing): I can dish it out but I can’t take it. So keep the lip zipped.

    What I wanted to say: Honey, come read what AM wrote today! Maybe something in her clever way with words will penetrate your thick (but loveable)head.

    AM, you scare me – being inside my head like that! Thanks for your insight and assurance that all of us are alike in LOTS of ways.

    Teresa G.


  5. Here’s the problem: Bossy doesn’t filter anything she says so it’s sort of like living with someone with Tourette’s Syndrome.


  6. Seriously, you have to stop eavesdropping at my house.

    I have these same conversations seemly every hour. I would love to know how you can take something so annoying and make it into something I can laugh at? I wonder if my husband would even see the humor in it? Probably not. But thanks for the laugh!


  7. I have been reading this since Feb. and I love it. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to write. It is a great ministry and It makes me excited to be a mom someday.


  8. Yes Ma’am! Have said/thought/wanted to say all of the above and much, much more. Unfortunately, I’m not always good at saying the right thing, sometimes I just fast forward and say what I wanted to say in the first place. Not always good for family relationships!


  9. Did you husband go to the same filing, opening the mail school mine did. My counters are always full of papers. AND he had the gall to tell me to keep the counters completely dry so his papers are safe.
    Many times I’m tempted to let the boy child accidently spill something on the counters. But I love the man too much to do that. But it IS tempting!


  10. Yes, edj, you are right. Somehow when you hiss say “CAN I MAKE YOU A SANDWICH!?” through gritted teeth, it just doesn’t sound like you really mean you want to make a sandwich.


  11. What He said: I’m going golfing tomorrow
    What I said: Great, you could use the break!
    What I meant: Don’t you think I need a break?!
    What I wanted to say: I am sooo jealous!

    Your blog is so fun. Goes great with my coffee in the morning.


  12. Like so much of what you write, it’s terribly funny because you’ve so perfectly captured the way so many of us feel. I had to laugh, because I saw my self in your post. Sometimes, I wonder why I don’t just say what I mean.


  13. How do you do it? You understand “wifedom” and “motherdom” so well and express it beautifully. You one funny sista!

    Can you relate to this one:

    What I said: I have no idea where that shirt is.
    What I meant: You don’t need to wear that 1980’s obnoxious shirt anymore anyway.
    What I wanted to say: I got rid of it because I’m too embarrased for you to wear that in public.
    Hee Hee!


  14. Yeah. . .that’s about it. And, of course, it we always BEGAN with “What I said” rather than “What I wanted to say,” the world would be a nicer place. 🙂 Loved this post. (again)


  15. I hear ya! I want to say that second one at least 3 times a week but I’m afraid to think of what they would eat without me around.


  16. What I said: What Clemntine typed – all of it.
    What I meant: What Clentine said only quadruple it to infinity.
    What I wanted to say: Can I be like you when I grow up?


  17. What I typed: LOL!
    What I meant: I love coming here because what you write makes me smile.
    What I wanted to say: As usual, another few moments well spent in Blogdom.


  18. Oh, so very true.

    Here’s mine:

    What I said: What is that burner set on, sweetheart?

    What I meant: Are you cooking things on the super-crispy-high setting again?!?

    What I wanted to say: I don’t care if you’re an engineer! You are not automatically the most knowledgeable about any piece of machinery in my kitchen.

    Until the garbage disposal breaks down, of course, then it’s all him. =)


  19. *looks over shoulder* Were you in my head recently? Because I could swear this is exactly me you’re describing in this post.

    I especially like the last one. 🙂


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