Lamb Fur – Yum!

Last night, Sean and I were having a discussion about food and somehow or another, we got off on the subject of things he used to eat when he was a baby.

I told him about the two-ounce bottles that he used to drink from when he was first born and then later the little jars of food.

He was fascinated by the concept of little jars of food.

“Yes,” I said, “Back in the day, you used to eat all kinds of food, even meat! I used to feed you meat and fruit and veggies from itty bitty jars.”

“Meat? What kind of meat?” he asked. Here we go again with the meat I thought.

“Well there was beef and ham,” I said, “and lamb and chick…”

“Lamb? You fed me lamb?” he asked, appalled.

“Yes. And you liked it. And there was chick….”

“Did you feed me the fur?”

“Um, no, I didn’t feed you the fur.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or wretch at the idea of feeding my child lamb fur out of a jar.

And then I changed the subject to vegetables so I wouldn’t have to tell him how the furless lamb got in the jar.

27 thoughts on “Lamb Fur – Yum!

  1. I like reading your thoughts!
    My Ethan wants to know why does person X not eat meat. After explaining about religion and choice vegeterians his remark;
    ‘But what about the apples, carrots and potatoes isn’t that alive too?’


  2. O oracle, have you any tips on getting nourishment into your little darling? I live in hope! My youngest exists on light and air, which is a new experience for me… His brothers eat like a tribe of starving cannibals. People hide their pets when we come over. last time I took youngest for a checkup, the Dr. Said “well, small people tend to live longer!” any ideas?


  3. Lamb fur…that one made me laugh out loud. Sometimes you can just see that little hamster running like crazy on the wheel in their little heads. Of course that is probably not an example you would want to give your little boy. Then he’d want to know how it got in there…what does it eat…where does it sleep. Somethings are better left unsaid.


  4. I have to tell Belle that all the meat she gets on her plate is chicken. She seems to accept the neck-wringing process..

    Q: What’s the difference between Brussels sprouts and bogies?

    A: You can’t get your kids to eat Brussels sprouts.

    Just thought I’d throw that in!


  5. I stumbled upon your blog today. Sooooo funny! I laughed aloud (something I don’t do easily). I could so identify with the need for a quick subject-change. I’ve had to do it myself.


  6. Now there’s a child that wasn’t properly schooled in his nursery rhymes – baa baa black sheep have you any fur? There again, I’m given to understand that Americans aren’t terribly keen on eating lambkins, so we’ll forgive him.


  7. That is hysterical! I was about to give the same suggestion as Kacey. On the other hand…maybe he relishes the idea of eating the fur? Kids like the strangest stuff.


  8. My kids gagged and wretched on baby food meats — must have been the texture or the little bits of fur???? The doctor said to salt them a little bit to make them more palateable. Perhaps I should have strained the fur out????
    How about bumming some baby food jars from friends with infants or go buy a couple of cheaper jars of baby food and dumpping out the contents. Then you could serve Sean his lunch from the jars. He might love a teensy portion of mac and cheese or spagettios from a little jar. Even applesauce, fruit bites or cheese doodles would be fun. My son loved a junior food called “Fruit Dessert” when he was a teenager, but don’t tell anyone!


  9. You were a very brave woman to serve your son meat from the jars. I opened the first one, smelled it, gagged and decided my son would be a vegetarian! Those things are gross. Of course he grew up and now loves chicken and steak and hates most vegetables. Oh well.


  10. My friends and I were reminiscing about baby food this weekend and how nasty some of the jarred meats were. Grosses thing ever — ham in a jar! Ewwwww…. but The Boy liked the lamb, too.


  11. Sometime around Sean’s age – maybe a little older – my little niece discovered the “origins” of some of her favorite foods – beef, chicken, tuna, sausage. It all sort of clicked into place one afternoon during a family discussion while eating barbequed chicken. She was appalled to say the least. The next morning her little dog jumped on the bed to wake her up. She went into her parents room with a horrified look on her face and asked, “Mom, where do hot dogs come from”?
    We still tell this story when the family gets together. And she is now a high school graduate!


  12. My daughter is 6 and still asks loads of questions about what it was like when she was a baby. My son never had the same fascination.


  13. I love your art of switching gears, AM. And if that didn’t work, you could aways pull out a bag of Cheetos. Hey, it would work with me…


  14. Yes – you must tread carefully. Because thanks to my delicate explanation of what happened to his fish when it died, A. now thinks that any creature (dog, human, buffalo, etc.) that passes away must be flushed down the toilet.

    I’m having a devil of a time working my way out of that one.


  15. Too funny! I dread some of those questions the kids come up with.
    My kids know that I am going to give them the truth, no matter how ugly, so they are careful of what they ask. (not the toddlers, of course) Sometimes we warn them its not something they want to know about yet, like the boys want to know what something is, but its for girls during certain times of the month, and they really don’t want that picture in their heads yet.
    I think for someone so little, IF they asked, I’d just say the lamb gave the farmer its meat and they smunched it up and put it in a jar.
    Good job deflecting!


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