The New Amen

Three-year-old ears hear everything. Every. Thing. They are omnipotent little creatures.

No matter how preoccupied you may think they are with your contrived distractions, they are listening and taking in every word, mentally crouching like a hungry tiger, waiting to pounce at just the right opportunity to gobble up your tender juicy pride.

Sunday morning at church, Sean was busy racing his Lightning McQueen matchbox car up and down my arm and gobbling up Goldfish by the fistful —  seemingly oblivious to the inspired and impassioned sermon about hell, fire and brimstone.

Just as the preacher paused for dramatic effect, Sean comments rather loudly, “Well THAT doesn’t sound good!”

And indeed it did not.

33 thoughts on “The New Amen

  1. Oh my word! This brought back memories of going to my grandparents’ church in a tiny Texas town. A real crowd pleaser at their church was” the road to Hollis is the road to Hell”. The little town was on the Oklahoma/ Texas border and you could buy liquor in Hollis, Oklahoma. The preacher would really get worked up about the ills of drinking . As a child, all I could envision were flames shooting up from the highway on that evil stretch of road.

    A couple of weeks later he would bring the same sermon back with a new title. “40 miles to danger”. The distance between the two towns. This sermon brought so many at the come to Jesus time that it was recycled again and again.


  2. So funny! It reminded me of a time when my 3 year old brother started belting out a song in church like an opera singer-it wasn’t half bad actually. (The lady in front of us was doing it – so he just thought it was appropriate) We couldn’t help but crack up. He didn’t even think anything of it!


  3. My 3 yr old not only hears everything but sees everything. My husbands parents were at our house visiting for the 4th of July through Sunday. Grandma had given gum to the children. My 6 year old came back a little bit later and whispered to her that she had accidentally swallowed hers. Grandma whispered back here is another one be careful this time. McKenna turned around with her back facing Grandma and put her hand behind her back and tried not to let Jessica know what she was doing. Jessica being three and seeing everything did the same, she knew exactly what was going on!


  4. That is so funny! I’m always amazed at what my kids can repeat when I’m sure they aren’t listening.


  5. THAT was hilarious!!! My pastor would not have even skipped a beat, but after service he would have hunted me down to see what had me laughing so hard.


  6. Golly – I thought that fire and brimstone disappeared in the dark ages [that would be when I was a child] Are they still preaching such stuff!


  7. LOL very funny! I don’t think that ever stops with age either. This past Sunday at Church my almost 11 year old was listening intently and when the pastor decided to show an illustration on the overhead for a quick witnessing tool by sound loudly proclaims “oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! I remember that thing!”
    At least he was interested I guess.


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