Somewhere In An Area Code, Far Far Away…

“Hey Mom! Guess what!? Sean went poo poo on the potty! Hold on, here’s Sean. Sean, tell Wivian that you went poo poo on the potty!”

“I went poo poo on the potty.”


“Here – hand the phone back sweetie. Yes! And oh what a day of rejoicing it was! We flushed with great pride, we high fived, we celebrated! You were so right! You said when he was ready to poop on the potty, he would poop, and poop he did! Isn’t that fantastic!? Poop!”

“Yes, but…”

“Oh I can’t tell you how happy I am that he finally pooped on the potty. I thought this day would never come to pass. Sorry, bad pun. Seriously, I never knew I could be so excited about poop! And the other thing you said, you know about wrapping up the little prizes and letting him pick? He loved that. You think of everything! You are s’marvelous. ”

“Well, thank you but –”

“He wouldn’t go for three days you know – and we were worried, but hoo boy do grapes ever do the trick! His little ole’ face turned so red – well, by the time, he went, oh my! You don’t even want to know –“

“No, I don’t think I do —  who IS this?”


“I don’t think so. Who is this?”

“This is Antique Mommy. Is this Wivian?”


“Oh. Sorry.”

“You’ve got the wrong number dear, but congratulations.”

“Oh my. Sorry. Thank you. Sorry to have bothered you. Sorry.”

“That’s okay honey.”  Click

79 thoughts on “Somewhere In An Area Code, Far Far Away…

  1. Laughing my tuckus off. These are the moments I live for. So fun and funny and not-so-much all at once.
    Best to you and yours.


  2. Am wiping my tears away from office.
    Congrats to Sean.
    Hope finally you did get to pass the good news to the right Wivian. But I bet the whole world is in a way to know now.


  3. Woohoo, Sean!!!!
    It would be funnier if the lady had her own blog and starts it off by saying ‘You’ll never believe what happened to me today’.


  4. i needed a good laugh and you came through AM, the tears were streaming down my face! and a big hooray for sean, i knew he could do it! i think it is all tied in with the big boy bed! but that’s just me! anyway…..congrats to you too!


  5. AM, you are a hoot! I mentioned the other day that I was hoping for some comic relief, and boy, did you come through.

    I agree with Catherine. I ran across a great quote the other day that says:
    “God is always on time. He is never late, and He is seldom early. Ask God for the wisdon to discern His will and His timing for the events in your life.” Unfortunately, don’t know the author. But I have enlarged this and posted it by my computer where I will see it every day and hope it sinks in.

    God doesn’t differentiate between being nervous about speaking before the UN or having a 1st poop on the potty. He knows our needs. Period.

    Best of luck to you all as school time approaches. Yea, Sean!!



  6. Okay, so I was eating and was unable to finish my lunch. Not having any children, I am still not very comfortable with poop. And I was way more glad than the lady on the other end at this: “His little ole’ face turned so red – well, by the time, he went, oh my! You don’t even want to know” and in that split second I prayed that you wouldn’t continue the sentence. And you did not. There is a God.


  7. Way to go!!! And just in time for preschool right? See how God works? Never too late, never too early, always right on time. (Don’t nobody out there say it’s out of context!) Whatever is important to you, is important to Him. He cares about every detail.
    I can just imagine the lady on the other end of the line. This is one funny story!HA!HA!HA!
    Hey, skeptical, your really think it’s made up? If you do, please don’t throw a wet towel, some girls out there have a small fire and they need this.


  8. Ortizzle – Now THAT would have been funny! I was in a K-Mart once when this old lady picked up a phone that was hooked to the PA system and said, “Hi. My name is Pearl. I’d like to buy a charcoal grill if there is anyone here who could help me. You can find me in Lawn and Garden.” Peels of laughter broke out over the entire store.


  9. That’s toooooo funny. I remember the first time my little guy went in the toilet — he was soooo proud he went running to tell everyone in the house.
    Congrats on this potty training milestone.


  10. Oh, frabjous day! What progress! And you know, it could have been worse. You could have gotten the number of someone whose phone is hooked up to the P.A. system in a large department store. 😉


  11. WOW! Congrats to the antique family! 🙂 That is a big feat for sure. Hopefully the person on the other end of the receiver did a little dance for you after she hung up.

    We had a little poo-poo experience of our own yesterday…Hailey decided to take her diaper off in her bed and said poo-poo’s were just a-rollin’ around the bed!

    She made me aware of this incident by yelling, “Bye bye, poo poos! See ya later!”


  12. Now THAT is funny! I’m still giggling. I had a very similar experience once and it’s embarrassing and hilarious all in one.

    Congratulations to Sean for the poop on the potty. Great strides.

    And yes, grapes ALWAYS do the trick … even when you don’t want them to. 🙂 Beware!

    Have fun celebrating this great day!


  13. Now THAT is funny! I’m still giggling. I had a very similar experience once and it’s embarrassing and hilarious all in one.

    Congratulations to Sean for the poop on the potty. Great strides.

    And yes, grapes ALWAYS do the trick … even when you don’t want them to. 🙂 Beware!

    Have fun celebrating this great day1


  14. Oh, you did not! What a story she will have to tell and tell! Too bad she wasn’t one of your readers. If you accidentally called me, I would know exactly who you wer talking about!


  15. Once again you win the Hilarious Post of the Day award.
    That is way too funny.

    Very proud for Mr Sean, the negotiator. He gets a big Attaboy!


  16. I’d like to say that I too have dialed the wrong number and told some stranger the intricate details of my family’s “inner workings” (no pun intended). I am certainly one to ramble on so that no one else has the slightest chance of getting one word in. In this case, however, I can definitely say I have not…..but it does sound like something I could do. You crack me up!


  17. I’ve done that too!
    I phoned my mom to tell her about my toddler colouring his “little boy dangly part” with permanent marker pens he’d got out the kitchen drawer.
    My mums phone number is stored just abouve the local police stations number (for emergencies) & I had dialled them by mistake.


  18. I literally burst out laughing, A.M. And I still am. I’m a little loopy, ’tis true, but this is hysterical. I shall chuckle all day long! 🙂


  19. Bwahahahaha!!! That’s great!

    *pulls out pen and paper* Now, tell me in detail how it happened that he pooped on the potty because I need him to talk to Buddy…


  20. Don’t feel bad, that lady was frantic over what she was gonna blog about today when lo and behold, the phone rang and her prayers for inspiration were answered!

    Congrats on the pooping. We have some issues here, too. It’s been a long road, paved with m&ms™.


  21. She must of been a mother, otherwise she would not have been so patient! Sounds like you are making good progress though! Grapes, wrapped presents, calls to grandma………Potty Training 101!


  22. I knew you were the friendly type, but you have exceeded my expectations. My family calls me “Chatty Kathy”, because I once got a wrong number and talked for twenty minutes. But, we were both room mothers and had lots of notes to compare. However; I do believe the subject matter here has surpassed my record. Congratulations to Sean!


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