Easily Amused Old People + Baby + Camera =

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

My computer died suddenly Friday night after a long and protracted illness.  She had been sick for some time with the vapors but late Friday, she gave one long loud gasp and she was gone.  So Saturday we took the money we should have spent on tires for my car and got me a new ‘puter!

At any rate, I now have room for all of my pictures on my computer and as I was downloading them (uploading? whatever) I came across a few pictures that reminded me just how far we’ve come as parents which is to say, not that far.  Not only is Sean a yummy delicious tax deduction, but he is an endless source of entertainment.

 Here’s one of Sean in MeMaws store window when he was about four months old that we took to amuse ourselves and passers by  in Downtown Tuna.

37 thoughts on “Easily Amused Old People + Baby + Camera =

  1. Bwhahahaha!

    After going through a whole pregnancy (or three) and the weight gain and the hospital bills, I can definitely say that picking up a baby at a “Baby Sale” would be a heck of a lot easier! 😉


  2. I must be an “Old People” cuz I was TOTALLY amused. And, like many others, I thought it was a picture of a doll. Thanks for sharing that with us.


  3. I am completely amused! Congratulations on the new machine.

    We’ve joked — mostly with our accountant as she’s the only one who might get it — that our children would be named 11 and 22 — for the tax-free gifting our parents could do for us each year (if they wanted to…) and then the deduction went up so now it would be 12 and 24, which isn’t as funny for some reason.


  4. Oh Lord now my mama will be looking for some sweet innocent baby to pose in the window of the Greater Knox Agroplex Daily Times like this. Are you sure we’re not related? Maybe our mamas are 4th cousins twice removed or something like that? think Tuna and the greater Knox Agroplex might be one and the same…come see me sometime!


  5. Too funny! When I first glanced at the picture, I actually thought it was a doll. After reading your post I looked at it again and really had to study it to see that is was indeed Sean. What a cutie!


  6. I didn’t see a price. I’m guessing the sleeping model is probably more than I could afford! 😉

    He looks like a doll, literally!


  7. HA HA HA HA HA!

    Okay, what were the comments you received? Did people think it was hilarious? Where they concerned for his welfare?

    I promise you I would have knocked elderly people and trampled anyone who got in my way so I could run in and make a very competitive offer.



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