Let’s Do Lunch — So I Can Get On With My Life

Today was Sean’s first day of school.

I had warned his teacher at the open house that Sean was not a big fan of going to school, so when I picked him up, I nervously asked her how it went hoping that she wouldn’t tell me she had to wear him like an exotic hat today.

She said that it had been a good day but that around 10am he informed her that he was ready for his mommy to come pick him up.

She told him that I would be there to pick him up right after lunch.

So he then said, “Ok. Let’s have lunch.”


37 thoughts on “Let’s Do Lunch — So I Can Get On With My Life

  1. I have no recollection of it, but my mom says I walked out on kindergarten. When the principal found me he asked why, and I said, “I was done.”

    I think that boy just loves and misses you, and that’s pretty cute and wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


  2. My youngest is making the transition from K to first and was stunned to hear that she would be enjoying only one snack at school before lunch and nothing after; unlike last year’s morning and afternoon snacks straddling the lunch hour. There was a horrified silence while I stuffed goldfish and an apple into the paper bag and a quiet request to carry some Oreos in her pocket in case she gets a little peckish at about 2 pm. I love kids…it’s all about the next meal (oh wait, I think I’m like that too and my metabolism is not quite what it used to be).


  3. That’s one way to make the day move along.
    Perhaps the same would work for me.
    If I get up, eat breakfast, work an hour, eat lunch, work another hour, eat dinner. Does that mean my day is over and this tired ole workin’ Momma can go to bed?


  4. Man that is one quick witted little boy. His school career should be very interesting for everyone involved.I promise it will soon get easier for him and you too. You’ve just done such a great job of being his mom that in his mind why would he need or want to be anywhere else but with you.

    My kindergartner says K is much better than Pre-K primarily because thay don’t actually have to take a nap they can just watch the movie that is put on for their viewing pleasure during rest time.

    In other news, I don’t have a daycare bill for the first time in 10 years. It’s like I got a decent raise for once!


  5. My son cried and hung onto his sister on his 1st day of grade 1…after two years of kindergarten. For the last three days, he’s loudly declared that “I’m not going to school today” but he seems to be (slowly) adjusting to all-day school. He’d be right beside Sean with the let’s-eat-lunch-and-go-home-now philosopy.


  6. Jackson did not want to go back to school either. He started crying as soon as he woke up. He cried all the way into the classroom. Thirty minutes into the day he was fine. By the second day he announced this teacher was his second favorite (out of a whopping total of 3). He still carries a torch for his Kindergarten teacher though.


  7. My Mom told me that when she woke me up for my second day of kindergarten (40 years ago) that I told her I had already done that yesterday. Apparently one day of school was enough for me!! Unfortunately, that never changed, I NEVER liked school all the way through graduation!! Always wanted to be home, and even today I am still a homebody. I am a SAHM, but fortunately my girls both enjoy school.


  8. It worked with you and the popsicle last year, when you said he could have one after dinner, so he asked for dinner in the morning. The kid is so smart — you’ll never get ahead of him!


  9. *shrugs* there’s always homeschool…..that’s what we did. young daniel didn’t start to lose his attachement to home until he was around 8. now he’s a regular social butterfly at 13


  10. Oh boy. My Diminutive One was and still is, completely unappreciative of the whole school thing. I think he’s had a stomach ache every day this year so far, and like Jean’s son, he goes to the school nurse at least once a week, often more. She is very patient and understanding, but even so, it’s embarassing.

    However…I think Sean will grow to love school. Most kids, I think do. And he’s so smart, he’ll whiz right through!


  11. Poor Sean. I share his school-hating pain.
    My older kids LOVE school, though – although it took my Boy a while to start loving it last year. Maybe it will grow on him, too.


  12. I have a friend who’s son actually decided that he’d had enough of kindergarten 1/2 way through his first day. He and his friend decided to leave and walk home. They were picked up by the police when the school discovered that they had left campus!


  13. Tell Sean that my son Jim feels his pain. I always thought it would get better but…

    He was on a first name basis with the school nurse for years. We now have a rule that you have to have a fever over 101, be puking, having major blood loss or an obvious broken bone. Good luck. 🙂


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