Painted Lady

One morning last week, as Sean and I were sharing a piece of cinnamon toast for breakfast, he stops eating and looks hard into my face.  

“You look pretty this morning Mommy,” he says matter-of-factly.

“Really?” I ask.  My spirits buoyed.

“Yeah,” he adds.  “Thank you for putting paint on your face.”

Mental note to self: Wear makeup more often.

33 thoughts on “Painted Lady

  1. LOVE the new DIGS! It’s been awhile since I’ve come to visit.
    Too cute about the makeup. I actually did that to MG the other night. Asked HIM out to dinner. Put on makeup. We get in the car and he says…”Did you put on makeup the morning?” I said “NOpe, I did that just for you for tonite.” He says “WOW! I’d forgotten how gorgeous you can be”.
    Umm should I take that as a compliment? 😀 Hee HEE


  2. hahaha…I still remember that once I was playing “I Spy” with my Dad when I was little and I said “I spy something black and white”…and he kept looking around and nothing seemed to have those two colors. Then I said “your hair”.


  3. hehehe – I just love that. He is simply the cutest and as for the blog before, you are right, cherish,cherish each and every blessed moment because they grow and we so easily lose those moments.I do so long for those days, even to just simply capture them in thoughts and even in my dreams.
    thank you for sharing yours.


  4. I just found your blog and had to laugh when I read your “painted face” post. My three year old used to watch me put on mascara and ask, “why do you paint your eyes?” Love this stuff!


  5. That’s hilarious!
    I told my mom once, when I was little, that I couldn’t tell the difference between her regular face and her made up face. She didn’t stop wearing makeup but I think it was a little disheartening to her that she was going through all that work for no change. 😉


  6. My G calls makeup and a skirt, “Getting Fancy” as this is a marked departure from my usual uniform – sweat clothes and pony tail. She is also always the first to point out that my hair could use a fresh batch of highlights.
    Don’t you love the candor?


  7. Kids have the honesty thing down, don’t they?

    My mother-in-law was recently playing with her grandson when he suddenly stopped, looked at her and said, “Grandma, did you know you had grey hair?”

    “Yes, Tristan,” she replied. “I did know that.”

    “No Grandma, really grey.”

    Now if only that honesty could stay in tact when they grow up to be CEOs and marketing executives…


  8. I love the total hontesty–sweet and brutal at the same time.

    When I lived in Texas I would always have people apologize for “not putting my face on.” I don’t have my face on today, so hopefully my coworkers will still recognize me.


  9. I only wear make-up on Sundays. (Or when forced to be other circumstances, ie weddings, pictures)

    The other day (Sunday) my daughter said, “Mommy pretty! Goin’ to Church!”

    Yeah, ok.


  10. My husband turned grey at a young age & our youngest daughter, who is 5 going on 15, doesn’t know he has had anything but white hair. The other day she was brushing my hair & told me I had some “Daddy Hair” mixed in with my “Mommy Hair”. I wanted so badly to tell her it took her older six brothers and sisters to do that to Daddy. All my “Daddy hairs” are thanks to her! Bless her heart.


  11. I hopped over from Big Mama. My 1/2 sister is 14 years younger than me, so my dad was 42 when she was born. When she was probably your son’s age, she asked him in all earnestness: “Daddy, why do you have cracks in your face?”.

    I’m convinced that we’ll never think too highly of ourselves again. 🙂


  12. My son is 6.5 years and they tend to say what they think, but also boys love their Mums and are soooo loyal. I was looking at some above the knee skirts, and said to Master 6 – shall I get one?’ No Mummy, he said – you’re too old. Gee thanks son!!


  13. my kids just rave and go on whenever i put on makeup and fix my hair. I was just brushing my hair this morning and my three year old said, “where we going mama?” i said no where and he said, “you just brushing your hair?” like it was something special.

    i do brush my hair every day by the way.:)


  14. I love those moments that start out a sweet compliment and end up a brutally honest observation we really didn’t need to hear. Gotta love em’


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