Uncleand Bob Is Inappropriately Funny

As I waited for Sean to finish his Party Burrito at Taco Bueno the other day, I picked up a newspaper that someone had left behind in our booth.  I never read the newspaper anymore, so it was kind of a treat. 

The first page I came to was the obituaries and I scanned them out of morbid curiosity.

There was a picture of a handsome man that caught my eye and so I read his obituary hoping to discover what had happened to him.  So I could then feel better about my own mortality. Somehow.

Anyway, this is what I read, exactly in this format:

“Bob was also an

uncleand friend.” 

Whaa?  Was this a statement on his salvation or his hygiene? And is this really the time to bring it up?

Rest in peace Uncleand Bob and thanks for the inappropriate laugh.

44 thoughts on “Uncleand Bob Is Inappropriately Funny

  1. thank you for the giggle 🙂
    i think Bob is enjoying how many people are thinking about him today and his questionable uncleanliness as well as his i’m sure wonderful uncleness.


  2. I tell you, I know I don’t get here often, but that’s because I just had surgery on my abdomen and you make me laugh so hard, it really does hurt. Thanks. Now I either have to drink more wine, or head for the Advil!


  3. Your comment over at Don’t Try This At Home, about choosing the library over the spa….that was perfect. It made me nod and laugh a lot, which can be rather violent when done simultaneously.

    And your comment has led me to your blog! Now I will snoop.


  4. Not. Kidding. I had to read it several times before I realized it was supposed to be “uncle and…”

    And ~I~ had to read the comments here to realize that!


  5. Sadness aside, I find the obituaries to be some really entertaining reading. Sometimes the writing is done well and…othertimes…not. What kills me are the nicknames that people insist on including, as though we couldn’t figure out (what with the photo and life details) who the deceased actually was. Delmer “Puddin” Flint. Margaret “Big Mama” Hill. George “Floppy” Watson.


  6. I just found your blog and I must say you are hilarious!:) I love reading your entries. Looks like alot of other people do to. Your humor is like mine. Thanks for the smiles.


  7. Laughter is the best medicine.

    And, if anyone ever wondered if the family of Uncle Bob noticed he smelled…That answered it. 😉 Was the family’s way of saying, I’m sorry. LOL!

    I’m like Kathy…I pray there’s more tears of laughter than tears of pain when i’m gone.

    So funny and sweet. 🙂


  8. The funniest one I saw was a 2 column one that mentioned EVERYTHING this poor man did, including (but not limited to) when he stubbed his toe on a cruise! I swear it had every band-aid he got in his life. It was hilarious. I wish I’d cut it out, but by the time I thought about it my dad had thrown out the newspaper.


  9. Oh, oh, that poor reporter that was stuck doing Obits at the end of the day and where the hell was the editing staff when the reporter most needed them? (Can you tell I was once a staff reporter for a local newspaper and often had to do Obit duty. Threw in my own share of typos and misspellings that editors missed and felt the distinct and burning shame of a public embarrassment.)


  10. I have to admit it, obits can be quite entertaining sometimes. Thanks for the laugh this morning, however inappropriate.


  11. I always scan the obits when I get hold of our local paper, but have yet to find anything to rival this:-
    “A year ago today I opened up the door
    and found my darling Eddy lying dead upon the floor”

    that’s all there was!


  12. And I guess we can be glad they didn’t also leave the “r” out of “friend.” Cuz poor old Bob would probably have liked it even less if he’d been remembered as dirty fiend. 😉


  13. My dear aunt gave me a bible when I was very young. In her perfect calligraphic handwriting, she signed it….
    “Love Anut Jane”………..she truly is a nut so it was appropriate!


  14. That reminds me of the Mary Tyler Moore episode when they had to stay in the office late and write up obits, just in case someone died. Of course they got punchy late at night and wrote inappropriate things that were aired. I think it is refreshing to find humor in death, I hope people laugh when I go.


  15. There is a funny show on HBO that is based on the producer/ writer , Larry David, of Seinfield fame.

    It is an irreverent, bawdy version of Seinfield.

    In one episode, Larry messes up a beloved aunt’s obituary. The word aunt was misspelled and let’s just say the misspelling was an extremely offensive word. Funny, funny , funny- but oh my lands- Very bad word.


  16. Jeana, I know. I wondered too and in my tiny blonde mind, I tried to make it make sense. And then I realized it was a typo. And then I laughed at myself and realized that with my luck, the odds of getting my obit screwed up are pretty high.


  17. Is that sort of like “A moment of silence for a master of mime: Marcel Marceau, whose quiet art spoke volumes has died.” As sad as it is that he’s passed away, that struck me as incrediably funny. A moment of silence for a mime.



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