Jell-O Does Not Make The List

Off the top of my head — Things I find fascinating (in no particular order):

Plate tectonics

Medical mysteries

The human body

Dreams and memory







The “Blue Planet” series

What’s on your list?

45 thoughts on “Jell-O Does Not Make The List

  1. Amy–you and my 4YO could hang out, we have daily conversations about human reproduction. I think I’ll be able to be a health ed councilor by the time we’re done with this topic.

    For me:

    *My babies; how I never knew I had the capacity to love so very much and be loved back so completely.
    *Babies, babies, babies….how come they smell so good? Why do they have to stop being babies?
    *Sweet babies and toddlers who become loud mouthed a rotten teenager (how does that happen? Could it happen to my kids?) Same goes for homeless people; they were someone’s baby once too.
    *Spirituality and religion; how people can/will hate/kill over religion/love (huh?)
    *Other cultures, especially Asian ones. I’m really interested in the myths, superstitions and spiritualities of other cultures. I find it fascinating.

    There’s more, but the babies theme seems to run pretty strong, huh.


  2. Lots fascinates me, yes, much of it about the Lord and his holiness and our lack of it and why in the world He loves us or even put us here in the first place (I digress… badly).

    But the main thing I think of — going on your ‘dreams and memory’ theme. Yes, definitely. I have weird, vivid dreams frequently, and, to me, they MUST mean something, but who in the world knows.

    And the human mind. Why, why, why do: “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” (Romans 7:15) What’s this whole, “My head believes and knows, but my heart doubts” thing? What’s up with, “I see my behavior as destructive but can’t/won’t walk away?” Just all of it.


  3. *babies happening from a tiny sperm and egg
    *how identical twins, triplets, etc happen
    *the mind, especially the mentally ill one
    *the way people use g-d as a reason to kill and hate
    *world war ii and the generation that lived it
    *why that generation was the last truly great one
    *why things and ideas that are different frighten some people so badly
    *small children
    *teenagers and how they think
    *computers and the fact that i can write a note or fill out a form, hit send and discuss it with the person i sent it to in england or australia in mere seconds, while we are both looking at it! then they can send it back, i can correct it and send it back and what used to take weeks, now can be done in a few minutes!
    *how different people are, yet how alike they are at the same time.
    *how divided we have become as a people


  4. People – specifically human relationships

    The Universe

    Our minds

    Biology -especially the human body and reproduction

    Deja Vu and dreams these two seem to be related in my life

    God, afterlife, adn religions in general

    Ocean, so beautiful and scary


  5. Jesus

    the brain and how we only use a very small percentage of it

    the differences between men and women

    people eating weird foods like squid, monkey brain and other squishy things

    the will of african-americans to overcome and be respected in a society that never cared too much for us anyway


    the development of babies in the womb


    nielsen ratings because i’ve never met anyone with a freakin’ nielsen box so i wanna know where these ratings come from!!


  6. Plants, their ability to wither and die and sustain themselves, bare naked in the howls of winter, only to spring forth come April and do it all again. Fascinating stuff that flora.
    Oh, and platypus. Why don’t we ever get to see a real live platypus. I’ve long suspected that platypus are not real but rather like the Yeti or Big Foot.
    Laser hair removal
    Onstar navigational systems
    Memory and the entire human brain for that matter


  7. Hmmm.

    Not God per se, but religion, spirituality, the evolution of theology.

    The Sacred Feminine and why it was eradicated.

    The mysteries of the Pyramids.

    Lost cities and civilizations; Pompeii, Atlantis, Troy, the Mayans, the Incas.


    Intelligence and I.Q. and how our brains work. Why are there savants? Why can some brilliant people not balance a checkbook?

    Love, sex, attraction, fidelity.

    There are more, I’m sure, but those are the ones that sprang to mind.


  8. I have to agree with fax machines. How in the world did anyone figure out that a high-pitched annoying whine in your ear OVER THE PHONE can produce a perfectly legible printed page? I just marvel at that out loud when I help one of my kids fax something, particularly when we are sending it through our computer fax program. They roll their eyes, of course, but think about it!

    I type on my end. I click on a button. My computer tells my printer to get on the phone, call a number, whine at someone else’s fax machine on the other side of the country (maybe thousands of miles away), and that machine prints my document. It doesn’t print out just any page. It prints exactly what I typed on my computer! Who says magic doesn’t exist?!


  9. Everything! At the moment, quantum mechanics.

    Read Bill Bryson’s “mother tongue” for words, and his “a short history of nearly everything” for most other stuff. Great reading!!


  10. The medical field
    WWI era
    The ocean
    Psychic mediums
    Heaven / Life after death

    I have to laugh at this comment, btw: “Actually, I’m sort of fascinated by Jell-O; as in, why do people like it? and, who invented jello salad, especially the kind with vegetables? and, who decided lime jello and pears go together?”

    This is the kind of stuff my 8yo daughter tortures me with every day. I mean, she is a THINKER and ANALYZER and I? am not. She will ask me how engines work, or who made the first ___________ and WHY? Oh, Lord, I feel so stupid when she asks me these things. Google has become my best friend!


  11. Actually, I’m sort of fascinated by Jell-O; as in, why do people like it? and, who invented jello salad, especially the kind with vegetables? and, who decided lime jello and pears go together?


  12. God
    Dreams that come true!
    Broadway Shows
    God’s Will & Destiny
    Air Planes
    God’s Word in action
    Right side of the brain
    Giving Birth


  13. The fact that the God of the universe really loves me.

    I can capture time in a photograph.

    I seem to have inherited personality traits and talents from a Grandmother I have no memory of.

    The fact that children from the exact same gene pool can be so incredibly different.

    That some people think that terrorists should have more rights than God fearing, law abiding citizens.

    The whole process of making art.

    Fascinating and mind boggling is the fact that God has always been and always will be. His time line began before “the beginning”. Wow.



  14. lava lamps. Those bright pink blobs, bouncing in slow motion…I could watch them for hours! I keep one right here on my desk to help me think.

    What was I saying?


  15. God
    Heaven and hell
    Intelligent design
    the migration of birds and butterflies
    all kinds of music
    The 1920s-1940s
    Cary Grant
    mountains and deserts
    British humor


  16. The Universe. How it goes on and on and on and beyond that it continues, forever.

    Love. The Strength of it, the Power of it, the Enigma it can be. Our capacity to Love, beyond reason.


  17. Eyeballs.

    I don’t think there’s anything on earth I find more fascinating and mystifying, even though I “know” how they work. Just the fact that an odd-textured piece of flesh can actually “see” the sunset over a snow-capped mountain, or the face of a beloved child, is miraculous to me. What a gift, and I’m so grateful for it.


  18. Yes, fax machines, they are magic. All of this digital stuff amazes me, but it makes my head hurt to think about how it really works. Same with the airplane. I don’t really want to know how it works, I just want it to work.


  19. history-right now I’m in an asian history phase, but am also interested in south american and african history.


    God-Christ-faith-the bible-grace

    music-looking for really good alternative christian music

    my kiddos-cheerleading,dancing,scouting,piano,soccer,livestock judging-

    parenting to raise honest and decent and hardworking and unselfish intelligent Christian human beings


    morals and ethics

    I guess thought patterns or human behavior as in how people make choices that seem bizarre, how a good kid goes bad, how a stable married responsible grown person goes off the deep end and throws it all away, how serial killers and child molesters justify doing what they do and then live with themselves afterwards, etc

    politics-who is the best candidate to lead us during the next 8 years-illegal immigration, terror, radical islam, oil, alternative energy, eduaction, infrastructure, emergency preparedness, taxes


  20. Most fascinating:
    the workings of the human mind (especially my husband’s)

    the Trinity

    the Bible


    Genesis (yes, in the Bible, but the foundation for the rest…it captivates me)

    stories of people who have “died” and come back to life

    my kids

    catastrophes caused by nature

    Least fascinating: Anything to do with Hollywood…and laundry.


  21. I concur with your fascination with history. Especially how human nature has not changed that much over the centuries. We just have better teeth.

    I also love the bible for the same reason in regard to human nature.

    Plate tectonics captivates me as well. The animated graphics of the continents separating and crashing together is amazing.

    The planets, galaxies and stars hold me in wonder.


  22. God
    Mr. Right
    My kids
    Really great books
    Concept of faith
    Concept of grace
    Jesus’ sacrifice
    Thinking patterns
    People’s gullibility
    The way some people consider “stars” better people than the “average” person
    The true definition of heroes – firemen, policemen, soldiers, teachers, hospital employees (especially in children’s hospitals), etc.


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