Halloween Party

Today was Sean’s Halloween/Fall Festival party at his school.  I was in charge of supplying the party napkins and would like to report that I did not screw that up.  Just to make sure that I would not mess up my assignment, I bought four times as many napkins as was reasonably required and then I sent them a week before the party.  Which was also when I sent Sean to school dressed as a pirate.  A week before the party. 

In Sean’s permanent file at the school, there is probably a note saying that Sean’s mother should never be trusted with anything more complicated than party napkins.  The up side to being fairly incompetent is that no one will ask me to be in charge of anything other than party napkins.

Some of the parents dressed up in costume which made me think “Yay for you, you costume wearing moms who have costumes!”   I went as a mom who just came from the gym and needed a shower and didn’t know where to stand.    

I did get a chance to visit with Sean’s teacher who told me that Sean informs her that I give him money every time he goes poo poo on the potty and that he is saving up for a puppy, which is not  true.  I am making him save up for college, not a puppy.

At first I was concerned that he was telling tall tales, but then I decided that it probably works in my favor as it will make the other things he tells the teacher about me less believable.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable


Clearly, the success of the party is owed to the abundance of the festive party napkins as seen in the photo.

30 thoughts on “Halloween Party

  1. I am a retired pre-school teacher so you would think I would “know better”. One year I decided to make my students homemade lollipops for Christmas. Getting the sugar to the exact hard-boil stage was tricky. Pouring the liquid into a recognizable shape was ever trickier! The amazing thing was the kids really didn’t care for the taste (despite my spending $10.00 for flavored extracts).
    The next year I gave them all Tootsie Pops and we were all happy.


  2. Absolutely lovely napkins. I always told my children to sign Mommy up for paper products, that she was extra good at them!


  3. At least you learned early the joy of being the “incompetent” mom who is not expected to do much more for the parties. I’m as incompetent as anyone can get – with a record – and I’m still asked to bring some sort of baked good to the shindig. I’ve got to quit going to the first day of school invites…

    And I think you’re a very smart woman to not correct any of the tall tales. Wish I had thought of that too.


  4. Since I am really crafty, I was a star room mother. For the third grade, I made thirty Santa Claus heads out of Tang orange juice cans with glue on moving eye-balls, fake fur beards and little red felt caps with white fur edges and jingle bell tips. I filled them with tiny candy canes. They were beautiful! And the kids had so much fun throwing them at each other. But, I don’t think anyone remembers them except for me. Napkins would have been so much easier and I would have been spared apoplexy during the Santa head fight! My own children darn near died from Tang overdoses!


  5. Tee-hee! I’m a napkin Mom, too! Let the Alpha Moms battle it out over who gets to bake the cake shaped like a jack-o-lantern. They live for that stuff.


  6. Hey, with that age group, napkins are important.

    VERY important!!

    They gave the most important job to the woman who they knew was up to the task! You rock!




  7. At least you weren’t the only mother that didn’t bring a camera. And, your napkins were so great that we brought one home!
    P.S. You’re costume took a measly second place. I’m disappointed in you.


  8. I remember my daughters first year of preschool,I felt like the biggest clueless loser of a mom.Then the teacher asked me to be in charge of the Christmas party.Oh stink!It was a very stressful time,I started planning the party before Halloween I was so nervous.And like the above commenter said you would be amazed at how many important items get forgotten (drinks!plates!).So you get big points with the organisers for your many early napkins.And I always give napkins to that busy mom who has alot going on and you are trying to make it easier on her because you like her!


  9. I’m one of the idiots in charge of assigning tasks and you’d be surprised how many fellow moms forget to bring the very important napkins or cups or pretzels. So I am very, very proud of you. And I can’t be a costume wearing mom ’cause my costume is a French maid’s uniform, and that is frowned upon in this American school system.


  10. I’m not a costume wearing mom and don’t ever want to be a costume wearing mom! Very funny post. I was in charge of the valentine day party in my son’s kindergarten classroom last year… I had no clue what I was doing. And the teacher knew it. I’m not sure we had napkins at all.


  11. Aannnd…the napkins match his pirate-y headgear. You’re right. That kid loves orange. He was born for the autumn holidays. Despite my Aggie heritage, I love me some orange. It’s a warm and happy color.


  12. Napkins are very important. They have many uses. Mop ups, wipe ups, and napkins arriving a week early shows you are prepared. For preschoolers. You’re on it. And then you show up all toned and buffed. They hate you. I am jealous of that costume. I used to wear that once.


  13. I am the director at a preschool. The napkin mom is be my favorite.

    When my kids were young, on parent night I would rush to the sign-up sheet hoping to get paper goods or beverages. One year I was so excited to get paper cups–phew, I thought, easy. The night before the “fall festival” the queen bee, know it all, perfect hair/perfect house room mother called to tell me to be sure to get “solid black or orange cups, nothing with pumkins or ghosts, this was a fall festival–not halloween.” I was pretty ticked off–now I had to find black or orange cups. I was going to send a stack of whatever cups I had stored somewhere in my basement. Does juice taste different out of special cups??? Wasn’t it enough that I was bringing the cups??? Do first graders really care???

    As for my preschoolers–they wear “costumes” all the time. My own daughter, when she was 4, wore her bathing suit almost every day in February–in Chicago! I was thrilled because, finally, there was not a diaper underneath it. When my son was three, he wore his swim goggles on his forehead everyday for a couple of weeks. At least then it was summer.


  14. I totally took the PB&J sandwiches (quartered and individually packaged in ziplock bags) on Thursday for the party that they obviously all forgot about so they rescheduled it last minute for tomorrow. Yes.. I am the one mother that got it all wrong. So, tonight, I made the sandwiches again and tomorrow, those 2 yr olds will have a great party! Great job on the napkins!


  15. We just got back from Laylee’s preschool pumpkin carving night and we all wore costumes, except Dan because he doesn’t do that. Funny thing was, we were the ONLY ones in costumes. Silly me. I thought, pumpkin carving party = Halloween fun. I was oh so wrong and a bit embarassed. Your week early pirate reminded me of that. Apparently they’re supposed to wear their costumes TOMORROW. I don’t think I’m supposed to wear mine ever.


  16. Here is how it went for me. First born was a boy. He was a very happy napkin bringer for many years. We picked out the best napkins ever and even sent them in ziplock bags to save the extras! Along comes second born. A Girl. With a Type A personality. Who is very into holidays details. In the second grade she announced to her teacher that I would bring two…not one but two…cakes that are shaped like pumpkins!!! Seems she saw a pic on the cover of a Womens magazine in our home and figured that her mother should be able to make 2 measly pumpkin shaped ORANGE cakes!!! DUH!!!! So just in case your child ever volunteers you for this….let me just tell you up front… In order to make 2 pumpkin shaped cakes, You need 4 identically shaped bundt pans and lots of red and yellow food coloring! After that I let her know that I would resume my napkin buying habit whether she liked it or not!


  17. When my oldest was in Kindergarten, his teacher said “I promise not to believe what your child tells me about home if you promise not to believe what your child tells you about school.”
    Wise words.


  18. I just remember when my first went to kindergarten and informed me of this “We’ll believe about 1/2 of what she tells us about you if you’ll believe about 1/2 of what she tells you about us.” I don’t think I was all that comforted.

    Sean looks great and napkins are the best item to bring. Surely a need with preschoolers.


  19. I never even got party napkins. One time I helped with games, but honestly, there are moms out there who really, I mean, born to do it, really, love to plan those parties. I realized I was out of my element when I didn’t stop the music often enough during pass the pumpkin. I also don’t own any theme clothing, another prerequisite for homeroom moms.


  20. I beg to differ, you were entrusted with the *most* important job of all – everyone knows that you cannot have too many napkins when there’s three- or four-year-olds involved! Looks like the party was a huge success.

    Oh and I agree with not worrying about those little tales they tell. But I guess he wants a puppy, huh?



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