Otherwise Occupied

In case you were wondering who my company was yesterday, it’s my mommy.  She’s still here.  Sometimes I like to be coy. 

The upside to that is that she is occupying my child which means I can do other things, like go get my teeth cleaned – just a little hobby of mine, something I like to do in my spare time.

The downside to that is she can’t vote for me which means I’ll probably win this prize. So, maybe you could get your mother to vote for me? (That’s once every 24-hours through November 8th! Operators are standing by! Call now and get a set of Ginzu knives with every vote!)

I leave you with this “that’s my boy” moment.   The other day Sean came home from school and told me that the teacher asked the class to name a fruit for the each letter of the alphabet.  As expected, he said “A” was for apple, “B” was for banana and I think he said “C” was for canna-wope.  I asked what fruit started with “D” and he said doughnut. 

Yep. That’s my boy!

The 2007 Weblog Awards

Oops! How’d that get there??

15 thoughts on “Otherwise Occupied

  1. I voted for you AM … but I do have a plan! How about having my Marlboro Man ask Pioneer Woman’s Marlboro Man to just mention you nonchalantly and plug your blog. That should throw you right over the top! lol. Just kidding … but can become very serious if the price is right … ha~



  2. You’ve crushed my faith in the Four Basic Food Groups Pyramid! And if doughnuts aren’t a fruit….then can’t they at least be a protein like all the other nuts? I’m just asking.


  3. If you get a fruit flavored jelly filled donut, are you meeting even more fruit servings for the day? Hmmm, maybe that raspberry donut was a good idea, and then the creme filled donut must be a dairy product! I feel better already.


  4. Okay, there’s a conspiracy!! I’ve voted and was all set to put in another shout out for ya and no matter which buttons I push it’s not coming up. Demand a recount as I’m being blocked!!


  5. No, no, no… donuts are “hole grains”. They’re made from wheat, which is a grain and it has a hole. I try to get my daily recommended intake too – which is usually one raised sugar and one chocolate cake donut.


  6. I’ll totally vote for you! I also have a large family of potential voters . . . perhaps you want to throw a little moo-lah my way? I could use a pedicure.


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