Birthday Party, Round 4

When I was a little girl and I had my birthday, it was a birthDAY. You got a little cake, maybe a toy, maybe a few extra privileges and then the next day, back to reality, back to scrubbing floors and waiting on my ugly stepsisters.

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Sean?  He has a birthMONTH.  It’s a social season.

The party circuit kicked off earlier in the month when my parents were visiting. We had cake, we had presents, we had fun.

Then, the day before his birthday, Sean’s best friend and her parent’s came over with a very cool present and took us all to see the entertaining Bee movie.

Then on his official birthday, the two sets of surrogate grandparents brought over four of their grandchildren.  More presents and more cake and more fun.  Because I’m an idiot (don’t tell Sean I just used that bad word) I got all the little children high on cake and THEN gave them those New Year’s Eve style horn blowers.  The man pictured above paid $1 to each child to buy their horn blower back. Bargain.

Next week when we gather with the other grandparents there will be the giving of thanks and the feasting on the turkey and multiple pies. And then – you guessed it – cake and presents.  But no horn blowers.

26 thoughts on “Birthday Party, Round 4

  1. Oh, again – I can so relate. We just celebrated my daughters birthday for 3 days! Cupcakes and party, cakes at school and a family party with cheesecake. I gained 4 pounds just celebrating with her this weekend!


  2. We too just finished my niece’s b-day month. I’m posting about it so you can read the details; it’ll make you feel less exstravagant or realize that my family is truely KRAZZZE. But we’re fun! (and broke.)


  3. paid $1 to each child to buy their horn blower back.

    That’s HILARIOUS!!! Smart Man — always carry some cash, just in case there are horn blowers around.

    Well — party hardy SEAN… enjoy it while it lasts!! °Ü°


  4. i’ve always wondered what those parents are thinking who offer hornblowers to their little party goers. even though i’m a guest, i usually end up snatching them up off a table and hiding them whenever the child is otherwise occupied. then i have to look all innocent when they start asking where it went.


  5. I think Sean has the right idea — a birthday MONTH is definitely the way to go. 😉 I need to take lessons from him. Yesterday was my birthday and I only managed to stretch it out for a WEEK!


  6. I have a birthday weekend… but I’m the only one who pays any attention to it. 🙂

    Punkin has a birthday WEEK — Family party on Saturday, Friend’s party next Friday, and all week off of school in between (for parent/teacher conferences and the holiday, but don’t tell her that, she thinks I’ve arranged it for her birthday… 🙂 )


  7. You used a bad word? Which one? If idiot is a bad word, —then what do we call dim-witted, foolish people? You may not be politically correct, but you are certainly a great mother. Sean is growing up too fast. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Sean!


  8. I have a 5 year old nice and because of too many birthMONTHS in past years, this year had to remind her that her birthDAY is a DAY – not a WEEK, not a MONTH – but a DAY. *sigh*


  9. We end up with the same thing for our kids . . . never fails that we travel to MN to see family around my son’s b-day – August 1. Of course we have to have a party with his friends before we leave, than a party at my in-laws house, then a party at my mom’s house, and maybe even a party at my dad’s house (divorced – yup). This past year, my poor dude got sick on his b-day party day with his friends, so we had a small party with just us (because I had, afterall, made the army tank cake!), and had to plan a whole new friend party for when we got back. Now, we’re on our way to MN for Christmas. My daughter, the poor thing, has her birthday on December 22. So, we’ll have a party here with friends, before we leave . . . we’ll have a party at my in-laws’ house . . . we’ll have a party at my mom’s house . . . you see where this all goes. I LOVE birthdays, but it gets a bit ridiculous. Whatever happened to King/Queen for a DAY, not a MONTH?!


  10. I think it’s also somewhat inevitable when you have family scattered and not able to participate on festivities on the birthDAY.

    But having said that, what’s so bad about a birthMONTH? It kicks off the holiday season nicely.


  11. Oh, you have set yourself up for a lifetime of birthmonths… Trust me on this one. I know that of which I speak. And I used the word “stupid” on myself when I realized that they would remember that they each had 3 parties. You used a much nicer word than I did.

    Of course, I have no room to talk. I try to make it a birthmonth for myself!



  12. I can’t think of anything better to celebrate! We are adding our third child and daughter to our family in April so the birthdays will be March, April and May. I have a feeling we will feel like we have partied for three months!!!

    PS – so glad someone else’s home views the “I” word as a bad word. My kids will quickly scold me if they hear me use it, most often in a moment of road rage! LOL!


  13. What a blessed little boy – so many people in his life who love him like he’s their own.
    Four-year-olds are some of my favorite people in the whole world. I wish I had a couple around the house again.
    Happy Birthday Sean!


  14. My 15 yo daughter has a birthday “season”. Always has. She is already planning her own 21st birthday extravaganza that she will be throwing herself! The connectagons look very cool and should ignite an already astute imagination in one very special 4 year old!


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