Kicked Out

Earlier in the week, Sean and I were in Target.  He was being loud.  Happy loud, but loud.  Happy loud is annoying, but not nearly annoying as Unhappy Loud. Still, it was LOUD.

I told him that he needed to pipe down so that we didn’t get kicked out of the store.

“Kicked out?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said.  “You are disturbing the other customers and the store manager might kick us out of here.”

“Kicked?” he asked incredulously. “Out?”  His eyes widened in disbelief.

He stopped along side the cart, and with a worried and questioning expression, demonstrated a swift little soccer kick for verification.

I nodded.

“Well that wouldn’t be very nice,” he declared, quietly.

Perhaps I should have stopped here and taken the time to explain the concept of metaphorical speech, but I was too busy enjoying the not loud.  And what do I know, the manager of Target could very well be literally kicking people out of the store.

I know there was a lady in the Christmas aisle talking loudly on her cell phone that I wanted to kick. Out.

17 thoughts on “Kicked Out

  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! At least he stopped. At a recent Thanksgiving program, my neice (3 1/2) was being rather loud (her usual M.O.) and my sister (her mother) asked her to whsiper. She promptly yelled, “I AM WHISPERING!” She has her own opinions and those of everyone else are null and void.


  2. When my nephew was about your son’s age I took him to the library. The first time he raised his voiced I shushed him and whispered that we have to be quiet in a library. He thought about it and whispered: “But I don’t want to be ki-wet.”


  3. Hahaha. Loved this! That and the ahhh of “not loud.” No doubt there will be plenty of time later enough to learn about the metaphorical. 🙂


  4. Oh, I love when kids take things literally! I remember when I told my son that I was going to pull the car up to the door when my dad was being discharged from the hospital. He said incredulously, “PULL???”

    (I just jumped over here from Dianne’s site.)


  5. My boy was singing in a LOUD, screechy voice at Walmart and I said, “Please stop.” He said, “But I’m singing a song, Mom!” I said, “Yes, but it’s annoying.” And he said, “Well, I think MY sense of annoying is different than YOURS.” Indeed.


  6. My kids were always “worried” when I went to baby showers. “Ya mean ya put a baby in a shower naked and turn on the water????”


  7. Hah! We have similar issues around here. I haven’t explained metaphorical speech yet but we spend far too much time on idioms instead.


  8. There is a brand new Super Target in Cape Coral that is so big, the manager would never catch Sean singing loudly. Shucks, it is Christmas, after all! Merry Christmas, Sean and Antiques.


  9. AM…your little Sean cracks me up! I love kid logic and how literal small children can be! My boys are big now…11 and 18…and I miss having those funny conversations with them. Four-year-olds are fun!


  10. *laugh* I told my boys that we would be thrown out if they didn’t keep their hands to themselves, just before we enter the stores or supermart…you know how ‘itchy’ their hands can be…

    yes there was once, my 4-year-old asked, is the uncle a very strong man? He can carry all 3 of us? and throw 3 of us out together? I just went “Mm!” then I asked, do you want that? His reply :”no! you may fall on me and I will die!”


  11. Too funny — we had to explain “getting fired” to our kids?

    ON FIRE???

    No — get fired.

    Will they BURN??

    Oh my — OK — they will lose their JOB…

    So now my 4yo still says, “Daddy could get on fire if he is late.”


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