Movin’ On And Draggin’ Feet

As I was driving Sean to day camp yesterday, we got to talking about the upcoming school year.  I was hoping to stir up some enthusiasm for kindergarten.

In his dream world, he does not go to kindergarten but stays home and builds forts in the den with me all day. And eats popsicles for breakfast.  In my dream world, he trots happily off to kindergarten for a few hours while I get a few things done.  And then comes home and builds forts with me in the den. And then later we watch Deadliest Catch re-runs and eat Ritz crackers on the sofa.

I am always convinced that something fabulous is waiting for me just around the corner.  It is just my nature.  It always knocks me for a loop when my rose colored glasses fog over, yet still, I just can’t wait to see what’s next.  I look ahead and expect good things.

My child is unlike me in this regard.

In this regard, slap some whiskers on that boy and he is his father.

Instead of being excited about all the new friends he will make, about enjoying all the privileges of being the oldest kids in the school, about the awesome smell of new school supplies — he was dour.  He does not care for the forward motion of the universe.

In his defense, I will say that his pre-K class was a golden little tribe. They were all especially bright and a uniquely cohesive little group – a dozen good eggs.

“I don’t want new friends,” he said, looking out the window.  “I want my same group.”

“Well, I know,” I said.  “Those kids will still be your friends, but you are going to get even more friends! Isn’t that great?!”


“Make new friends, but keee-eep the-uh oh-weld! One is silv…”

“Mom stop it.”

“Why do things have to change?” he asked. “I like things the way they were.”

“Well Sean, that’s just how it is.  Get used to it.  The world and life and circumstances are always changing. Things never stay the same for very long.  The world moves forward and never back.”


“Sometimes you say you wish I was a baby again.”

“You know what? That’s true. Every day I wish that. Just a little bit. I look at you and can’t believe you are my four-pound baby. But at the same time, I love the boy that you are now!  And I am excited to see what God has in store for you, how you will grow and what you will become.  I’m convinced that something wonderful is waiting for you in kindergarten – more friends, more fun, more challenges. You just have no idea how awesome it will be.”

“What if you never moved on before you went into Pre-K? You’d have never been part of the Blue Group. Wouldn’t that be sad?”

“I’m just not ready to move on.”

“Yup. I know.  But there is good stuff ahead. Trust me.”

* * *

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”  1 Corinthians 2:9

23 thoughts on “Movin’ On And Draggin’ Feet

  1. Can’t believe that in all those comments not one mentioned the possibilities of home school…

    * * *
    It’s an oft discussed topic here at home and on the blog.


  2. It is so amazing that he articulates it so well…what a bright guy!

    I, I thrive on some change…my husband says I love it…he’s right, I do…

    but what I don’t like is everyone getting older…

    can’t I have it both ways?

    just wondering…


  3. Mine informed me I was not to hang around the first day of school. Drop him at the Pre-school (he was part of the after school crowd) and he would WALK with the older kids over. And much to my sadness He did and happily went on his merry way. However, room mother, den mother, etc. came merrily along also. New relationship. Alas change.
    Now when do the grandkids come?


  4. Those who treasure the past become our great historians, journalers, and chroniclers. Our rememberers. My spell checker doesn’t like a couple of those words…but there they stand. I see great things in your son’s future, even while he is steadfastly gazing backward. God says so. It’s OK. 🙂 ~~Rhonda


  5. I just loved this entry today. It touched me on so many levels. I am now waiting for my first grandchild to be born – what wonderful things God has in store for us:)


  6. I have Eeyorish inclinations. Would it be possible to have you come to my house and tell me something new is actually going to be fun? I promise to give you all the Ritz crackers you’d like.


  7. …Wonderful post!- Did my heart good.
    (It will be interesting to see how your positive example is lived out after Sean gets settled in to kindergarten…and happily runs into class each day to greet all of his new friends…SIGH…)


  8. Change . . BAD! Tee hee, I’M the dour one in this family, but I put on the happy excited face for my daughter, and she seems to be falling for it. That’s good, but boy, do I feel like such a faker.


  9. Oh! My boy is the same way! He is nine and gets more courageous each year but….still doesn’t quite understand why he has to leave me each day to go to school. I am somewhat like him, too.


  10. Oh man, my youngest had a hard time going to kindergarten. He knew it was way more fun at home playing with mom all to himself. It was a rough year putting him on the bus. It still is and he will be a second grader this year!

    A story: Yesterday I turned 50. Today I had two of my boys with me at the grocery store, they are 6 and 11. I always go to the same couple of cashiers and say hi and chat. It’s how I roll. Anyway, I went to check out and my “friend” says, “Oh, are those your grandsons?” sigh. I do not look that old. I wish I had your attitude of not being able to wait to see what is next. I’m good. I don’t want to see what’s next. I’m with Sean. I am not ready to move on!


  11. I understand how Sean feels. And how you feel. My little one will be starting Pre-K this year. I am torn between enjoying the 2.5 hrs. a day and missing my little boy. And I know he will have fun and learn (and socialize with kids his age), but he’s going to be a bear at drop-off time.


  12. Aww, I could have written this if I were more articulate….tho in my case I’m more in your camp and their friends’ moms are more in Sean’s 😉 I’m really ready for all the new adventures, planning my to-do list, etc. Tho I did get a little catch when I planned to supply-buy….it’ll be a big change for us all, but I good one I hope – Go Sean!


  13. Listen, I’m a first grade teacher and even I don’t understand why they have to “reshuffle” the classes every year. You spend nine months creating this cohesive and happy little family and then BOOM! they tear it to shreds the next year and only distribute 2 or 3 of my former students into each new classroom. It makes ME sad for THEM. (I know everyone has adjusted by the second week of school. Except for their old teacher: Me.) You can do it, Sean. (Maybe you need to buy him some of those pointer fingers you said he was so fond of in an older post…)


  14. The end of your post made a “catch” in my throat. My oldest is going to college in a year, and I don’t think I’m ready for that. But I do know it will all be good stuff. Thanks.


  15. This post makes my heart squeeze. Your sweet boy will find a world of wonder in Kindergarten…he just doesn’t know it yet. You’re doing the right thing by encouraging him. Give him a little time and he’ll come around. My daughter loved being home and I felt like I became the “Poster Girl for Kindergarten” as I constantly sang about the Amazing Wonders that would go on there. Once school started, she found her rhythm and skipped through the doors with a smile every day.
    Sweet blessings to you and your little man,


  16. A) I think I was like that as a young kid. Keep being positive and reminding him of his history and he’ll probably catch on.

    B) Did you really sing that to him? I sing that all the time, too. And “AaaacCENtuuuate the positive, eeeeLIM-I-nate the negative…”

    It is so good to just go ahead and own my dorkitude.


  17. My middle son is just like that. He hates change… even when it means replacing the beat up linoleum floor and replacing it with hardwood.

    “I missss the WHITE floor!”

    Anyway… he is my most snuggly and loving and also my most difficult child… especially if anything shifts just the tiniest bit.

    I’m wondering if seratonin will help?


  18. How blessed your son to have a positive-thinking mother. As the mother of a son, I was more like your husband and son, not wanting to go ahead, certain I would not like it. I have chosen to change that way of thinking, however, and now with my grandson am always say, “Look at this…see this…what a wonderful wonder!”

    I was loathe for my son to grow up, wanted another just like him, only had one. God has now given me a part in grandson’s life, so I really did get my dream. 🙂


  19. I am much older than either of you and today with the grandchildren was one of those days when you wish time stood still,


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