The other day, I had had enough of my hair. I have a lot of it and none of it good.

Now I know that I won’t get much sympathy from many of you for having more than my fair share of hair, but with every blessing comes a burden. And the burden of having so much hair, besides that it is hot is that blow drying it requires time and skill that I do not possess.  If I could take back all the hours I’ve spent blow drying my hair, I could learn another language, even one of those hard ones that don’t have any vowels.

And let me tell you, aging does not make hair more lovely.  Gray hair, even colored gray hair, has a texture all its own, a texture that says “estrogen on the decline, downhill from here”.

There are a few older women who can wear long hair, but not many.  In my opinion, a woman of a certain age sporting long hair (or a mini-skirt or a midriff top) looks like she’s trying too hard to hang on to her long-gone youth and there’s nothing pretty about that.  Beauty should look effortless — even if it’s not.

So the other day, I had had enough of the hair and the ponytail holders and the barrettes.  Being the impulsive person that I am, I called the salon and asked if there was anyone there who could cut my hair in the next 15 minutes.  There was, so I went and they did.  And when I left the salon, I was very happy to be rid of the hair.  I liked my haircut.  I liked it a lot.  I felt 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter.  I whistled as I skipped to my car.  (My mom just emailed to say that she went and got her hair cut and felt ten years younger so she went back and got another haircut the next day.)

When I got home, I ran upstairs to show my new haircut to AD, and being a learned man in the fine art of marriage, he diplomatically said, “Oh! Look at you! You got your hair cut!”  I gleefully shook my head from side to side so he could see how I could make my hair twirl out like skirt.  One side fell across one eye in a sexy Veronica Lake sort of way.  Clearly he was mesmerized by my new haircut.  He said he had never seen such beauty in all of his life. No not really. What he actually said was, “I gotta get back to work now.”

Undaunted, I bounced downstairs and took a picture of me and my sassy new haircut and I emailed it to my mother who loves short hair and has never missed one single opportunity since 1973 to tell me how me how much better she thinks I look in short hair.  So I asked her, “What do you think of my new haircut?!”  She quickly replied, and I quote, “I don’t know.”

Okay then.

Later that afternoon, as I walked up to the school to pick up Sean, I enjoyed the sensation of the cool breeze on my neck and my bouncin’ and behavin’ hair.  As I started to cross the street, my friend Jennifer pulled up in her car.  She rolled down the window and exclaimed, and I quote, “What happened to you?”

Hmmm.  I’m starting to get the idea that no one likes my haircut.  Luckily for me I don’t care because I am unofficially 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter.  And besides, I can twirl my hair out like a skirt if I want to.

When I dropped Sean off at school that morning I had long hair, but now I had short hair and I wondered how he would react.  Much like his father, he does not dig change.  As he ran out of the school doors, he spotted me and his face lit up. He ran to me, buried his face in my tummy and wrapped his arms around me.  “I like your new haircut Mom!” he exclaimed.  “You look really cute!”  God I love that boy.  Kids are so honest.

The next morning, after breakfast, Sean and AD sat at the table working on vocabulary words.  One of the words on the list was adorable.  Using the word in a sentence, Sean said, “I love Mommy. She looks adorable.”  God I love that boy.

So off we went to school; AD, Sean and his vocabulary words, and me and my new haircut.  Sean’s teacher said she liked my haircut and the crossing guard said she thought my hair was cute.  If you can’t trust the opinion of the 1st grade teacher and the crossing guard, who can you trust?

On the way back home, I mentioned this to AD.  And in a dangerous move, I asked him point blank:  Do you like my new haircut?  He said, and I quote, “It’s growing on me.”

“I have to tell you something,” he said hesitantly, “but you have to promise it won’t hurt your feelings.”

So I braced myself to have my feelings hurt.

“This morning, after Sean used the word adorable in a sentence? He whispered in my ear that he didn’t really like your haircut but he didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

God I love that boy.

And I love my new haircut.

* * *

More on Antique Mommy’s hair here: The Bob is the New Helmet Hair

44 thoughts on “Hair

  1. Wooohoooo! Sean’s a winner in my eyes! He’s such a little sweetie…you are a lucky lady to have such a sensitive, charming little guy.

    One bad haircut I had (not that yours falls in that category) brought the worst comment I’ve ever had. “Oh, my…you could surf on those curls!” Between the comment and the facial expression, they didn’t do much for my self-esteem, I have to say.
    Enjoy your new ‘do!


  2. This post and the old post about the bob are some of my favorites. I laughed out loud.
    And I’ve been known to not wash my hair for four days straight after a new cut and color because I KNOW that once I do wash it…and dry it… it will never look the same as it did walking out of the hairdresser.
    I love that boy of yours too.


  3. i totally agree on the long hair on older women…it is really starting to bother me…i do think so many people just don’t want to give in to their maturity


  4. This totally hits home with me! I once decided on the spur of the moment (as in, I was already there in the salon chair getting a trim) to hack off all of my hair and bleach it very, very blonde. Now, this may have been ok normally, as I had always been known for doing crazy things with my hair, but it happened to be the day of my best friend’s wedding – and I was a bridesmaid. I had attended the rehearsal dinner the night before with a dark brown shoulder-length bob. I called her halfway through the bleaching process and she laughed and graciously said she didn’t care, but now when I look back at those pictures I can’t believe I did that!

    My husband is not now, nor has he ever been a fan of short hair, and I didn’t have time to tell him what I had done because I had to get to the church early for pictures and whatnot. (We didn’t have cell phones back then in the dark ages). He arrived to the wedding late, and when I walked down the aisle he didn’t even recognize me! Then at the reception, everyone was saying things like, “Hey how do you like your wife’s new hair, eh?” He was NOT happy, and got more and more annoyed as the night went on. By the time we got home he was really over it, and as we walked up to the house, I nervously joked, “Hey, just pretend you’re bringing home a new woman, haha.” And he replied, “I feel like I’m bringing home a HOOKER!!”

    To this day I am known as “hooker head’ by my family. And I’ve never done anything quite so drastic since. 🙂

    Anyway…. I do wish you would post a picture. I’m sure your new do is cute and sassy, and I want to see it! Also, your son is THE sweetest thing.


  5. We’re glad you don’t care what we think, but I was gearing up for a picture.
    I once told my (former) beautician than I would like my hair cut in a “tousled” way like a certain young lady’s at church. Her response was, “Oh, SHE has good hair.”


  6. His wife is going to be one lucky lady! If has learned this early to tell her she looks cute and adorable even if he doesen’t really care for the cut he will have one happy chickie on his hands….. well two if you count mama! He is a keeper in deed! 🙂

    I’m about to chop off my hair pixie style. I warned my husband in advance. Went and actually got an appointment because like you I’m impulsive in the hair department and if I want it cut has to be NOW. I then had to call 5 minutes after I made the appointment and cancel it becasue Blake might be playing in his first college baseball game and I’m NOT about to miss that! I’m thinking pro cuts is gonna end up with my business.


  7. Oh! What a sweet boy! I have to tell you– I cut my hair every 3 months — it grows from a short bob to a rather long bob. Then, when I get it cut? My husband doesn’t even notice until my 8 year old looks at me with puppy eyes and says, “Mom, I really like your hair better long.” And then my husband will do a double take and be all like–you got your hair cut? Then all the other kids laugh. Happens over and over . . .


  8. I’ve got my class reunion at my FASHION College (graduated in 1972, which would be the late 1900’s!). If I get 2 haircuts in the next week, do you think that would add up to 20 years younger looking? It would really help my confidence! Any suggestions for below the neck?


  9. I too had waist length hair. I donated it to Locks of Love a few years ago and now I would never want hair that long again.

    Actually thinking about cutting it as short as Jamie Lee Curtis has hers. Just not sure my husband is ready for that!

    * * *
    Jamie Lee Curtis looks great in that short short hair but nobody rocks a pixie cut quite like Halle Berry. In order to do that short of a cut you have to have a) good eyebrows (I have none) and b) a good forehead — not too short and not too big. Nice cheekbones and full lips help too. And long legs and a narrow waist. Oh wait. I may have gotten off track.


  10. I’d love to see a picture but I’m sure it’s gorgeous.

    My favorite response to one of my new hairctus was when a friend said “I like your hair but did you mean for it to be that way?”


    P.S. My husband loves my hair short because he says he can kiss my neck more easily. Is that too racy for this blog?


  11. As usual, we are on the same page here. I am so done with long hair. My husband (my own AD, if you will) NEVER wants me to cut it, even when I look horrible. But then everytime I get a haircut, all I hear is “Wow, you look really sexy with that haircut!” So I’m thinking he really does love me from the inside out, and just doesn’t want anyone else to see what a babe he’s got. Sean is so sweet. I think Gabe would be more honest, but not sure, since he always likes my haircuts, too.


  12. That is just TOO cute (and what a considerate young man you are training – oops, I mean RAISING)! He’ll make some girl very happy some day.

    The main person who has to like your hair is YOU, because you are the one wearing and taking care of it every day.

    That’s why my personal preference is to keep my aging, graying, long hippy hair as long as it keeps growing (though I must confess it doesn’t grow as long as it used to). All I do is wash it, comb it out, and let it air-dry . . because I am incredibly lazy and I’m the one living with it.

    As long as we each don’t care what others think of our chosen hair lengths, it’s all good. ;-D


  13. WOW. Can I relate to the hair thing.
    About 1/2 of this post I could have written. Everything describing your hair issues. Including your Mom’s love of short hair. My mom too.
    I kept my hair long for a long long time, then since I’ve been getting shorter cuts, I’ve had many bad ones, some good ones and a handful of great ones. People don’t seem to be able to deal with the thick hair very well. Neither do I, I guess.
    I’ve taken to telling hair stylists that I want to avoid “Triangle head”. (Insert matching hand gestures for triangle head.)
    This seems to have helped matters.

    * * *

    I had my hair waist-length back in 1993-96 (I was in my mid-30s) and I thought I looked awesome until someone said I looked like Cousin It from the back. It was true.


  14. I agree: short hair is the way to go in this Texas heat! I chopped mine short, way short, this summer and it felt so good. Then again, I’ve always been a short-haired gal. But my hubby prefers long hair.

    The morning I was going to chop my hair, we were on a family walk and Matt proceeded to teach Brennan how to respond ‘properly’ to a woman getting her hair cut, whether or not he really liked it. I suggested that sort of talk be best left to have by themselves; I need not be present. As sole woman in the family, I certainly do not need to be privy to these man secrets. 🙂

    Sweet things, when I got home from getting my hair cut, there were flowers waiting for me and a card that said, “To the most beautiful mommy in the world”. I love those boys!


  15. Oh, geez. a few months ago I cut my hair and then shortly afterwords I went to church– I also had a boot on my foot because I had foot surgery– everyone commented on the boot…none on the hair. I wish I would of had someone be so kind as your son. 🙂


  16. Great story!

    I lost my hair last summer (chemo) and I feel I can now never complain about it again, because it’s just so nice to have it back (though I have started complaining already, of course).

    * * *
    Oh Iota, I hope you are all better now and have a good prognosis. I pray the investment you made in chemo will pay you the biggest of dividends, that you will be well and live long and happy.


  17. OH Antique Mommy! They’re all in shock, that’s all. I had looooong hair, and one day I went to the hairdresser and they braided it and hacked it off, and sent it to Locks of Love. My new haircut was awesome, and the cool! and the flippiness! And some bald person had a wig made of my hair!

    But everyone I met said “NNNOOOOOOO!!!!! WHYYYYY!!!??!?!”

    It took weeks and weeks for them to like it the way I did. So hang in there!

    * * *
    I think that is so awesome what you did with your hair. If I sent my hair in they’d send it back with a note that said something like, “What is this? Some kind of joke? We do not accept horse tails you rotten person!”


  18. Oh no! What will we do with boys and their lack of change? My husband loved my long hair, but it was getting in my way and I really didn’t like the way it looked anymore (definitely like I was trying too hard) so it’s now been short for 2 years. It’s more work now, but when I actually do take the time to make it look nice I really like it! It’s grown on him too! 😉


  19. Yeah, what Shelly said. Ha.

    My previous Man of the House wasn’t so diplomatic. I got my hair cut super short one time and when I walked in the door, he looked up and said, “Well, hey there buddy!” (Only one of many reasons why he’s a previous MOTH). The current MOTH is much more diplomatic.

    My hairdresser says I would look cute in a bob. And I would. But she refuses to let it grow enough to qualify as a bob. She may be on her way toward being a previous HOTH. Ha.


  20. Actually, I really do like your new hair cut. The old style was “just too much hair” and it detracted somewhat from your so beautiful blue eyes! My mother in law always said long hair adds ten years to your age… I am always ready for a haircut. My hair grows too quickly so I find myself needing a haircut quite often.
    You look cute, chic and very young with your haircut and it brings out your pretty eyes and beautiful smile.


  21. Aw! Come on. We need a photo.

    I’m a woman of a certain age with pretty long hair. It is, however, quite effortless. After hating, or at least battling, my hair most of my life, I’m glad to finally have a cut I like. It’s layered and looks good even when I don’t have time to mess with it.


  22. That is so sweet and sensitive of Sean. Kudos to you for braving a short cut. Every time I cut my hair short I love it for a few days and then begin longing for long hair again and end up spending a year growing it out. Same with bangs. I am currently long-haired and bangless but that’s bound to change soon. I’m with Karla Porter – show us a picture! (:


  23. What? All of this and no picture so that the internet can weigh in on this fabulous new ‘do? Oh sure, you’ll show the crossing guard, but not millions of strangers? Puhleeeeese.

    I’ve been thinking about a haircut myself. Although short hair does not work for me (my natural curl needs the weight to force it into submission…otherwise I end up with a little orphan Annie style ‘fro). But even though I KNOW I’m going to regret it, I’m still itching for a change. It is the siren call of sassy hair.


  24. You are speaking my language! After a long-distance relationship, I am a newlywed in a new place (read: new humidity levels) and trying out different hairdressers, and my husband is learning much much more about his wife’s hair trials than he ever knew existed. I quote: “I never knew that hair could make so much difference in how a girl looks.” 🙂 (I can venture to discuss this topic openly only because the hairdresser I tried out this time did a good job. For the past 5 weeks, I could not bear to think about my hair, much less discuss it.)


  25. zomg! That is so sweet. I’m glad that YOU like it. And I’m sure that it IS cute.


    * * *
    It kind of works in my favor that I don’t really care what other people think. Wish I had learned that when I was 15! Having said that, I don’t think I’ll post a pic so I won’t have to know how many people think I looked better in long hair (which I don’t). :-p


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