Antique Mommy 1, Easter Bunny 0

I always think I should make Sean an Easter basket or fill a Christmas stocking.

But I never do.

I think the last time I made an Easter basket for Sean, he was four or five.

That was the year I had the bright idea of filling Easter eggs with coins instead of candy.  I am still finding quarters in my flower beds.

Every year, I think that making (or even buying) an Easter basket for Sean is something I should do because all the good moms make awesome Martha Stewart-Pinterest worthy baskets and they post pictures of their happy faced Easter-basket-holding kids on FaceBook.  But by the time I remember it, which is like the day before, I don’t feel like going to the store.

And then after it’s all said and done, I would be left with plastic stuff that I don’t want in my house or candy which I don’t really want him to eat.  And Easter grass with it’s Velcro-esque properties that sticks to everything including air is evil.  Like glitter and those little green bits that shed Christmas greenery, Easter grass is insidious, it gets everywhere — once it enters your house, it NEVER leaves, never decomposes. It is FOREVER.  When the world perishes in a big ball of fire, and God sweeps up the remains, in the dust pan will be glitter, Easter grass and green Christmas bits.

So on Good Friday I was starting to feel something that resembles guilt over depriving Sean of this childhood memory, of not having what all the other kids have, so I said to him,  “Sean, I’m sorry that I don’t have an Easter basket for you.”

To which he replied, “What’s that?”

“You know,” I said, “An Easter basket, plastic eggs filled with stuff, candy? Coins? Stuff?”

“Oh. Yeah. Whatever.  That’s kind of lame.”

So then, I cancelled that order of guilt and went on my merry no-frills parenting way.

Score:  Antique Mommy – 1, Easter Bunny 0

7 thoughts on “Antique Mommy 1, Easter Bunny 0

  1. That is funny! My kiddos are now 9 1/2 and 7 1/2 and I do give them Easter baskets each year because they still seem to enjoy it, but I certainly don’t make my own. I pick up a couple from Target, and stuff some extra stuff in it to make it look at least semi-homemade. 🙂


  2. I’d have to add shipping peanuts to the list for it’s anti-Armageddon properties. Love your writing, as always. 🙂


  3. We don’t do all the candy and junk because my son just doesn’t eat candy(and unfortunately mommy does!), but I usually put some books or DVDs or smaller Halo figures and such in a basket for him. Just a nice surprise on Easter morning after we get back from church at o’dark thirty AM.


  4. Oh how I WISH I’d thought of not doing a basket way back when – like before we knew that a certain youngster was allergic to the ingredients in most candy. I had one depressed little man on my hands on Sunday. Our church even has an Easter egg hunt after services, so there was EVEN MORE that he couldn’t have. And his niece and nephew were visiting, thoroughly enjoying all that he isn’t allowed. I truly hate the celebration of holidays with icky candy. Like Jeanine said, the resurrection should be enough to celebrate!


  5. I figured out this year that my daughter would much rather go shopping to pick out some clothes and other things she needed, rather than receive an Easter basket. However, I did go out yesterday and get some candy for 50% off:)

    We never ever mentioned anything about the Easter Bunny…such a huge and rather stupid distraction from the real meaning of the holiday #Jesusisenough!


  6. It’s been years and years since I’ve done one for my girl. She does. Not. Care. A few years back I got her one simple present for Easter and that was more along the line of what she wanted than a basket full of cruddy toys and candy. But since that year, I’ve just plain ole skipped it and it was O.K.


  7. I might point out that the candy in Easter baskets is not really all that tasty. What kid gets excited about jelly beans or marshmallow filled eggs? Now the candy that comes at Christmas is the good stuff – Godiva, Russell Stover, Fannie Mae, etc. Skipping those is worthy of a guilt trip! Vivian


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