Best of Antique Mommy

This is a good place to start. Below is a collection of some of my favorite or most popular posts.  If you feel like wading through over 1,000 of my posts, try Categories or Archives on the sidebar.

The Box – A Short and Tragic Story


The View Master

Sticky Prayers

On Infertility. Or Why I Hate Mother’s Day

This Minute

The Ponytail

Fierce Tears

Liquid Time

Joy Crosses The Placenta

The Triangle

Fifty Things In Fifty Years

Ode To Mary Tyler Moore


Bring It Stacy!

The Resume

Pre-Marital Counseling Now Available At Home Depot!

The Hospital Volunteer

Peddling Away From Me

 How Pre-School Is Like Las Vegas

A Doughnut Themed Day

More Four Please

How Becoming A Mom Is Like Being Elected President

And Then I Bought Myself A Rubber Snake

The Two Templetons

The Laundry Sink

Life Is A Beast

The Bank

Feminism, Gas Pumps and Batteries

The Mole That Got My Goat

Getting Turned Around

My Cool Has Been Revoked

Cherries – Or Life Is But A Dream

The Ceramic Donkey

Walnuts and Watermelons – Everything You Need To Know About Pregnancy

The Sweater

The Possum

An Inherited Faith

Crossing Over



Scarred For Life | Featured In Good Housekeeping

Hair | Featured In Good Housekeeping

Flaming Pineapples | Featured in Proverbs 31 Magazine


Dr. Larson, The Series

#1 Waiting For Dr. Larson

#2 Still Waiting for Dr. Larson

#3 Seeing Dr. Larson


Tuna, The Series

#1 Bank Tuna

#2 Eat Tuna

#3 Shop Tuna

#4 How to Be a Rock Star in Tuna

#5 Socializing in Tuna

#6 Your Personal Tuna Shopper

#7 Therapy with a side of Cold Cream

#8 The Broker

#9 Millie Conway

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